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Delta Blues Dulcimer Revival, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Carla Maxwell

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Bing Futch, Adrian Kosky, and I invite you to join us during an exciting revival in the heart of blues country! Whether you're an adventurous beginning musician, a seasoned player looking to expand, a cultural history buff or a regional foodie, there's no other place in the country where you can get barefoot in the dirt, so to speak, and get down to the roots of the blues. Come share this unique and joyous celebration April 16th, 17th, 18th, 2020, in Clarksdale, Mississippi, for the FIRST EVER Delta Blues Dulcimer Revival!

Instructors are: Sam Edelston, Gary Gallier, Robert Force, Bing Futch, and Sofie Reed

Visit www.deltabluesdulcimerrevival.com to register.







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2 hours ago, Admin said:

@Carla Maxwell I saw the article about you and Adrian hosting the event in the new Dulcimer Players news.  Look's like a great venue 😃  You've got a great set of performers and instructors there.  I'm sure it's going to be a great event!

Yay! The article made the deadline, thanks for letting me know! We won't get our copy until we get back to The Holy Moly, but I'm glad the revival got in. Thank you!


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We have a "good news, bad news" situation about the first annual Delta Blues Dulcimer Revival in Clarksdale, Mississippi......but mostly good news!

The bad news is: Adrian and I are not able to host the event in April, as we won't be traveling during this time of national and world-wide coronavirus pandemic. (We are self-isolating at Tasma House in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.)

The good news is: The event has been rescheduled to later this year! November 5-7, 2020, is the new date! More good news: All of our instructor/performers are rescheduling with us! Even more good news: Accommodation should be readily available, as there are no other festivals on in Clarksdale in November. Registration will be the same. It will be great! We can all look forward to this as something good to do later in the year! 

I hope y'all are well and stay that way.



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The re-scheduled Delta Blues Dulcimer Revival has now been canceled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions which make it too difficult for Adrian and me to travel to the U.S.A. Hopefully, things will be better next year and safe travel will allow us to host a Delta Blues Dulcimer Revival in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  


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Hi Carla,

Sorry to hear you have to cancel.  Things are still dicey with the pandemic, so probably the right call.  Have you considered doing an online workshop?  I've attended a few over Zoom and those have gone well. 

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20 hours ago, Admin said:

Have you considered doing an online workshop?  I've attended a few over Zoom and those have gone well. 

The time difference makes an online gathering too difficult for us. Right now we're 15 hours ahead of Clarksdale time. In November that time difference would be even more. We're hoping for the future and aiming for a real-life gathering in April 2021 in Clarksdale. 

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