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Wood for dulcimer pin blocks


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I'm planning to build a hammered dulcimer.  It's suggested that the best material for the pin blocks is rock maple.  I went to my local wood store and they had western maple, eastern maple and birds-eye maple.  Are any of these a substitute for rock maple?

( I asked at the store and the guy said they seemed pretty hard to him?)

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Bird's eye Maple is a grain pattern, not a species of maple.   Bird's eye pattern can appear in many species of wood.
Hard Maple is also known as Sugar Maple or Rock Maple and its Latin name is Acer saccarum.
Western Maple is also known a Oregon Maple or Big Leaf Maple -- it is in the soft maple group of species
Eastern Maple is also known as White Maple another Hard Maple.


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Noterman is correct. Avoid the Western Maple. It is too soft. A simple test of the wood is to push a small brad into the wood surface. The more resistance offered as you push the brad agains the wood, the harder the wood is. If you can't get Sugar Maple, use the Eastern Maple.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

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