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Waters of the Tyne

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I'm not surprised you can't find dulcimer tab for Water(s) of Tyne (not Waters of the Tyne).  It's a not quite obscure  Northumbrian tune that dates to the 1700s. The city Newcastle-on-Tyne is the capital of Northumbria.   You might possibly fin a member of the UK Nonesuch dulcimer club which has tabbed out Waters of Tyne, but even that's problematic. 

There are quite a few versions of SMN written of the tune.  If you have one of the music writing programs you could enter the notes from the SMN to create the tab.

There is one YouTube recording of a dulcimer version of this lovely tune.  There is also a YouTube vid of a guitarist singing/playing the song, where the chords are shown -- you can use that to create your own tab, since a C chord or Am chord is the same whether its on a guitar or dulcimer (although the guitar version will be 'richer' due to the extra strings).

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