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Charles B.

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Hi! 😃 I'm new here & live in Germany.

I just bought a Dulcimer made by a big violine factory in Romania.

It has 4 strings but I removed one because I'm new at this & wanted flat-picking to be easier.

So I removed the inner d string because it's 1,3 cm from the D to A & 1,4 cm from the A to the outer d.

Is this correct? 🙄 If I removed the outer d instead then the distance from the A to d would be a tad bit closer at 1,2 cm.

It's easier to play now but the melody hat a bit more punch with two strings.

I'm starting out with "Brighton Camp" (Girl I left behind me) in D Major. PS: I use to be a church organist & liked to practice this one on the pipe organ when nobody was around. LOL 😅

I never played a stringed instrument before.

Best wishes,






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Charles, I think you made the right decisions. Yes, removing one melody string will affect the volume. "Brighton Camp" is a nice tune and fun to play. I would have enjoyed it the organist in my church broke out with tune after worship. Enjoy your new dulcimer.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

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