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where did he go?

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years ago I had Tom Yocky make me a beautiful dulcimer i had to later sell in a divorce. i can’t seem to find anything showing he still makes these beautiful creations. i got my current husband going strong playing dulcimer and i would love a new Yocky to join him. 


anyone know what Tom is up to??

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Not sure Tom is building anymore.  Haven't heard a thing since before Covid, and before that he had stopped taking orders

.  He was at that time just building what he wanted to make and offering it for sale publicly.  if you didn't like it, that was that. 

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If I remember correctly Tom married in 2009. I'm not sure when he started doing pottery, but he has an Etsy store for it. He is also a professional disc golf player. I think he just burned out on the dulcimer front and wanted to pursue other interests. Maybe one day he will return to dulcimer making.

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