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I Just Joined

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I just joined this site and I'm looking forward to participating here when time allows.  Here is a test of the link function (it required a certain method on the old site).




Here's also a test for adding a pdf file and an mp3 file.


Also, it's not to soon to start working on songs that will be popular on February Two.





GroundHog_DAA_Dulcimer.pdf Groundhog_DAA.mp3

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I was an ED member about a decade or so ago.  Never did get real good at the mountain dulcimer (what I grew up hearing called "hog fiddles"), but I was having fun with them no matter what everyone else in the family had to say about my playing.  I took a break from them several years ago and I've recently found a rekindled interest in them.  I've been toying around building cigar box guitars, but never learned to play the guitar which has got me to thinking about building a dulcimer.  At least then I can play what I build (although I'm pretty rusty on the dulcimer).  

Anyway, if yall don't mind putting up with my nonsense, I'll be hanging around some.  


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Hi there! Well I'm just getting started with the dulcimer, I have a small I guess it would be considered a back packer tear drop by Applecreek. It's a four string and so far I've just been learning stuff in DAD. I eventually want to learn Old Time and Appalachian style. In my picture here is my Watauga County Fretless mountain banjo by John Peterson. I am learning it as well and just about have the clawhammer bum-ditty down. I look forward to Old Time music on it as well. As a child I was classically trained on the piano for over eight years and still play that. I do popular contemporary as well as classical on the keys. And I've been learning the guitar for over forty years. 😄 I thought that being a pianist it would correlate. Hah! Anyway I enjoy folk fingerstyle on the guitar. I love most music styles and can listen to anything except cRap. Class rock of the sixties, seventies and very early eighties gets me going. Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to learning a lot here from all of you accomplished dulcimer players.

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