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How do I play this thing?

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So, you got a Hammered Dulcimer and you need to learn how to play it.

Some suggestions from what I experience  when teaching students is 

1 How you hold your Hammers is very important as is how you strike the strings with the hammers. 

2 How you learn where your notes are and the patterns used when playng the scales.

3 Make sure if you do not have access to a good instructor you find one even if it means using Online instructions.

4 There are many great instructors out there so go to workshops and find the instructors that will help you succeed in your playing styles. Each instructor has their own techniques and tips on playing the instrument. Combining several of these techniques will give you a strong knowledge base and make you a great artist on your instrument.

Again, Just my opinions that I thought may assist you as you begin your journey.


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First I need to know what type of HD do you have, how many notes, single or double bridges etc. Basically the hd is a percussion string instrument, tuned in 5ths. if interested I will explain more. If it is a Santoor (Persian) but also an HD, it is played differently again. 

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