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I purchased Tabledit however I am having trouble setting it up for a mountain dulcimer.  I found some youtube videos but they were 6-8 years old and my screen looks different.

Do you use Tabledit?  Any suggestions on how to begin would be appreciated.

Jerry L

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Many of the software programs are available with the expectation that a person can "self-teach" themselves on how to create sheet music and tablature files.  Maybe some experience required would be knowledge of sheet music notation and general experience with software tools.  There may be some people who are providing classes for Tabledit instruction related to creating dulcimer tablature files and maybe they will provide some input on this thread.  I use Musedit (and have too many Musedit files to count), which is no longer supported but the software still more or less works on Windows 10.  When Musedit stops working, I'm thinking I will go to ABC notation, which seems to be impervious to operating system software changes.

But, in the meantime, I can offer some suggestions  based on my Musedit experience and what an equivalent function might be in Tabledit.  I have the trial or demo version of Tabledit on my computer and might be able to answer some very basic for getting started questions.  So, if you can find the place in Tabledit where it allows you to set the instrument (on my version it is under the Score tab and Instrument), set the instrument to Dulcimer DAD.  You can import this midi file or you can open this tef file and we can use it to discuss what you want to accomplish.  It's a learning process, so don't try to learn everything at once.  Start with a little and build on it.



Boil_Them_Cabbage.tef Boil_Them_Cabbage.mid

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I'll try to outline to basics of getting started:

  1. select File->New to bring up the New Tablature dialog
  2. Click only one of the checkboxes for a single instrument and in the drop down next to the checkbox select "Dulcimer DAD" or "Dulcimer DAA" as appropriate
  3. Choose the number of measures you'd like in your song, the timing (default is 4/4), and the scale (probably D Major unless you know you're using a different scale)
  4. Press OK
  5. Click on greyed out full rest symbol in the tab area of the music staff.  You can click any of the 3 strings.  The full rest is shown on the melody line.
  6. select the type of note you want (quarter, half, whole, eighth, etc) from the note pallet (it's one of the floating windows)
  7. press the number of the fret you want to finger there
  8. press the Tab key on your keyboard to move to the next note


  • You can click on the other strings above/below notes you've already entered to to put notes on all three strings if you want to show chords.
  • If you're familiar with a piano keyboard, you can use the keyboard toolbox to input notes instead of pressing numbers
  • For half frets, press + after the number.  For example 6.5 would be entered as 6+
  • If one of the pallets you want isn't visible, they're turned on and off through the View->Palletes menu

Hopefully that will help get you started 🙂 


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On 4/3/2020 at 7:46 AM, Carolina Rockman said:

Steve Seifert used to have a series of YouTube videos on how to use Tabledit. They still might be there.

There are many other YouTube videos about Tabledit.

Stephen Seifert does indeed have a multi-part tutorial on how to set up TablEdit for dulcimer and also how to make all kinds of fancy adjustments.  It used to be available for free on his website. Now he has it posted at the Dulcimer School, which is a subscription site where you pay per month. It might be worth joining for one month just to access the TablEdit tutorial.  It helped me out a lot and I still go back there periodically when I can't figure something out.

TablEdit is very powerful but not very instinctive. It takes a while before you can work with it really proficiently.

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I would suggest this new resource: 
Melanie Johnston - TablEdit Manual, PC Version 

"62 pages of "how to" instruction for creating your own beautiful notation and dulcimer tab. Melanie's TablEdit Manual makes great-looking notation achievable for even the novice music publisher."

The screenshots were made using a PC but the program works the same on MacOS.

You can also visit our new forum: https://groups.io/g/tabledit/topics
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