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Maddie MacNeil, who played both hammered and mountain dulcimers, died on March 22, 2020, a result of a fall at her home. Many know Maddie from her many years as publisher/editor of Dulcimer Players News. She was a wonderful performer on both instruments and had the voice of an angel. Over her career she recorded many albums and authored books on how to play both types of dulcimers. She was an effective workshop leader Many people remember her stirring renditions of "Shenandoah" which she made her signature song.

I was privileged to have Maddie as a friend for nearly 50 years. Our friendship goes back to our days in Shenandoah National Park before she began playing the mountain dulcimer. Maddie was gracious, enthusiastic, and caring. She would not take "no" for an answer from me when she wanted me to perform with her and other workshop leaders on stage. I enjoyed working with her on DPN and at the Shenandoah University Mountain Dulcimer week. Rest in peace, Maddie. You are missed.


"The dulcimer, like Maddie, sings a sweet song."

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Thank you so much, Ken, for writing us about Maddie.  Your words honor her life and Legacy.   I feel so privileged to have known her and to have been blessed by her talents.  She was a wonderful person and so kind and gentle.


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