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I've posted my back catalogue on Bandcamp

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Greetings from the State of Seclusion!

Since my rural internet will not allow me to Livestream or otherwise engage with the world in real-time, I've decided to post all of my old Kicking Mule, Flying Fish and Wizmak recordings on Bandcamp. You can listen to them free for nothing, or download them for a greatly reduced price.

Here's a link to my Bandcamp page. There are a couple other things up there, too. Including the demo recording for my Folk/Jazz fusion band "Southern Light" and the only recording of the legendary Tex Pistols. And there's more to come.

And yeah, I'm still around, and I still play the dulcimer. But I've been doing other things lately. In fact, I couldn't access this forum using my old log-in. Musta expired or something. :o)

I wish everyone in the dulcimer community all the best.

Stay well, stay home, and stay tuned!

Mark Nelson



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