Tablature ūüéĶ

Title Description Tab PDF Midi Lyrics
A Bunch of Thyme PDF
A Cajun Jig PDF Midi
A Cajun Valse Traditional PDF Midi
A Child This Day Is Born Christmas Song - Duet PDF Midi
A Christmas Medley Consists of: the "Cherry Tree Carol", The "Holly and the Ivy" and the English version of "Away in the Manger" PDF
A Cradle Carol Russian Folk Christmas Carol PDF Midi
A La Claire Fontaine French PDF Midi TXT
A La Puerto Del Cielo (At the Gate of Heaven) Mexican Lullaby PDF Midi
A Mighty Fortress is Our God PDF
A Minor Twinkle An old song with a new sound. PDF Midi
A New Year's Jig (Old Lang Syne) Traditional Scottish song. PDF Midi
A New Year's Waltz (Auld Lang Syne) Traditional Scottish song. PDF Midi
A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief by George Coles, 1792-1858. Arranged for Mountain Dulcimer & ?2008 by Alan R. Barnard PDF
A Thousand Candles (Swedish Christmas Carol) Christmas song from Sweden PDF
A Virgin Most Pure From Christmas Carols Ancient & Modern by Wm Sandys FSA. Circa 1833 PDF Midi
A Virgin Most Pure - Harmony From Christmas Carols Ancient & Modern by Wm Sandys FSA. Circa 1833 PDF Midi
Aberystwyth Welsh tune PDF
Abide With Me Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Abide with Me PDF
Abide With Me PDF
Abide With Us O Lord PDF Midi TXT
Abigail Judge listed as by Carolan in the Bunting - General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland (1796, No. 45, p. 25) from The Traditional Tunes Archive: http://www.tunearch.org/wiki/TTA PDF
Ae Fond Kiss Old Scottish song. PDF Midi
Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser Folksong, believed to have been sung in France before the 17th century. The title is a play on words: "moine" means both a "spinning top" and a "monk." PDF Midi TXT
Aiken Drum "Aiken Drum" is a popular Scottish folk song and nursery rhyme, which probably has its origins in a Jacobite song about the Battle of Sheriffmuir (1715). PDF Midi
Alas And Did My Savior Bleed PDF
All Around My Hat Traditional English song. PDF Midi TXT
All Children Are On Christmas Eve PDF Midi
All in a Garden Green Elizabethan Dance Tune PDF
All in a Garden Green The earliest known edition of 'All in a Garden Green' was published in 'The English Dancing Master' (1651) by John Playford (1623-1686), but the melody appears much earlier in 'William Ballet's Lute Book' (1594). PDF Midi TXT
All Praise To Thee, My God, This Night PDF
All the Good Times PDF Midi TXT
All the Pretty Horses PDF
All The Way My Savior Leads Me Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
All the Way My Savior Leads Me PDF
All This Night Bright Angles Sing PDF Midi
All Through the Night
All Through the Night Lullaby in D PDF
Alle Jahre wieder German Tune PDF
Alle Vögel sind schon da German folk song, 19th century PDF
Alles neu macht der Mai German folk song, 19th century. PDF
Aloha Oe Traditional Hawaian PDF Midi
Aloha Oe - Baritone PDF Midi
Aloutte A French-Canadian children's song. PDF Midi
Alphabet Song (alias Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) PDF ABC
Always And Ever PDF
Am I A Soldier Of The Cross PDF
Amazing Grace PDF ABC
Amazing Grace PDF Midi TXT
Amazing Grace The DAD version is in the chord/melody style, while the DAA is noter/drone PDF
Amazing Grace PDF
America Patriotic tune PDF ABC
America The Beautiful Patriotic tune PDF ABC
America the Beautiful PDF
American Patrol PDF Midi
Amhran A Leabhair - (The Song of the Books) Slow Irish Aire PDF Midi
Amid The Silence - Melody and Harmony Traditional Polish Christmas Carol PDF Midi
Amser / Time PDF Midi
An Emigrant's Daughter Traditional Irish Song in Am. PDF Midi
An Emigrant's Daughter Traditional Irish Song in Bm PDF Midi
And Can It Be That I Should Gain? (Amazing Love) PDF
Andante TXT
Angel Band Southern Folk PDF
Angelina Baker Stephen Foster tune from "Plantation Melodies" - DAD PDF Midi TXT
Angelina Baker This old Stephen Foster tune was written in 1850. This tablature file has versions in the key of D and in the key of C. It also has DAD, DAA, CGC, and CGG tablature. The version in the key of D presents the notes an octave low for singers who don't want to sing so high. PDF Midi
Angeline the Baker PDF Midi
Angeline the Baker in DGD PDF Midi
Angels from the Realms of Glory PDF
Angels We Have Heard On High The words of the song are based on a traditional French carol known as Les Anges dans nos campagnes (literally, "Angels in our countryside") composed by an unknown author in Languedoc, France. That song has received many adjustments or alignments including its most common English version that was translated in 1862 by James Chadwick, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, northeast England. The carol quickly became popular in the West Country, where it was described as 'Cornish' by R.R. Chope, and featured in Pickard-Cambridge's Collection of Dorset Carols.[1] There is also a Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) translation of the carol which is known as Ainglean chuala sinn gu h-ard (literally, "Angels We Have Heard on High"). This was translated into Gaelic by Iain MacMilan from James Chadwick's English translation. PDF Midi
Angels We Have Heard On High Christmas Carol PDF ABC
Angels We Have Heard on High PDF
Annie Laurie PDF
Annie Went Down To The Cabbage Patch PDF Midi
Antrim Hills I found this polka in "Irish Traditional Fiddle Music" by Miller & Perron. At irishtune.info, a great website, there's a list of other titles for the same basic tune, most notably, "Jim Keeffe's". But the versions I found aren't quite the same, so I'm sticking with this one. Just don't quote me - I'm not an expert on Irish fiddle music! PDF Midi
Apple Blossom PDF Midi
Ar Erin Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi PDF
Ar Hyd Y Nos Welsh tune PDF
Aran Boat Song Song of the Aran Islands Circa 1880's PDF Midi
Are You Washed in the Blood Gospel PDF
Arfon Welsh tune PDF
Arirang PDF
Arkansas Travler Fiddle Tune PDF
Arkansas_Traveler PDF Midi
Around Her Neck She Wore A Yellow Ribbon PDF Midi TXT
Around Her Neck She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - Mixolydian PDF Midi TXT
Arran Boat Song with Harmony Arran Boat Song in DAD tuning with harmony. The LISTEN file is recorded with the melody in one stereo channel and the harmony is in the other channel (right speaker or left speaker). You can turn down or unplug a speaker to hear just the melody or the harmony. This version is mostly E Dorian. PDF Midi
Arru Nino PDF Midi TXT
As I Went Down In The Valley To Pray Traditional Folk Spiritual collected in 1867 as "The Good Old Way" in "Slave Songs of the United States" PDF ABC
As The Sun Doth Daily Rise This hymn was published in "Hymn for Saint's Day, and other Hymns" in 1864, with the author shown as Horatio Nelson and the tune INNOCENTS. Some say the author is unknown and Nelson "adapted" the words. PDF Midi TXT
As with Gladness Men of Old PDF
Ash Grove Traditional Welsh folk song. PDF
Ash Grove Welsh tune PDF
At Calvary PDF
Atholl Gathering PDF Midi TXT
Auld Lang Syne PDF
Auld Lang Syne PDF
Auld Lang Syne Traditional New Years PDF
Auprès de ma blonde "Auprès de ma blonde" dates at least as far back as the 17th century and the Dutch War (1762-1768). The lyrics express the longing of a French soldier captured by the Dutch who sings of how beautiful things are back home and how peacefully he sleeps next to his sweetheart. The song crossed the Atlantic and became a standard of the "voyageurs," the French-Canadian fur trappers who sang as they rowed their canoes through the North American wilderness. PDF
Aura Lee Aura Lee was written before the Civil War by W. W. Fosdick, with music by George R. Poulton. It became popular among soldiers because it gave them a happy, light thought to focus on while dealing with the dangers of war. It may give them hope and motivation to get back home to their wives. PDF Midi TXT
Aura Lee Two versions: high and low melody PDF Midi
Ave Maria Bach/Gounod PDF Midi
Ave Maria (Franz Schubert) PDF Midi
Away In A Manger Christmas Carol PDF ABC
Away In A Manger PDF
Away In A Manger Christmas Carol PDF ABC
Away in a Manger PDF Midi
Away to Rio PDF Midi TXT
Ay, Ay, Ay! PDF Midi TXT
B-I-N-G-O The clapping DOG song PDF ABC
Ba Huangshan BianchenFu Cunzhuang Traditional Chinese. Spring in a village in the Yellow Mountains(?) PDF Midi
Babes in the Woods PDF Midi
Baidin Fheldimi PDF
Bailiff's Daughter of Islington PDF Midi TXT
Banana Boat Song PDF
Banish Misfortune PDF
Banks of Allan PDF Midi
Banks of Sullane PDF Midi
Banks of the Ohio Rejected love and murder most foul - DAD PDF Midi ABC
Banks of the Ohio Lyrics as recorded by Bascomb Lamar Lunsford in 1953. PDF Midi TXT
Banks of the Ohio Duet PDF Midi
Banks of the Sacramento PDF Midi TXT
Barbara Allen "Barbara Allen" (Child 84) is a ballad originating in England and Scotland, which immigrants introduced to the United States, where it became a popular folk song. It has been described as, "...far and away the most widely collected song in the English language." PDF Midi TXT
Barbara Allen PDF Midi
Barlow Knife Contains octave jump in key of D, and key change modulation between D and G. PDF Midi
Barney and Katey Collected in CT, 1949, Arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
Battle Cry of Freedom Civil War Song PDF ABC
Battle Hymn of the Republic Patriotic tune PDF ABC
Battle Hymn of the Republic Civil War song in 3 different octaves PDF Midi
Be Still My Soul PDF
Be Still My Soul PDF
Be Still My Soul PDF
Be Thou My Vision PDF
Be Thou My Vision PDF
Be Thou My Vision PDF Midi
Be Thou My Vision PDF Midi
Beach Spring - Melody and Harmony An old Shaker song. PDF Midi
Beaumont Rag PDF Midi
Beautiful Dreamer key of G PDF ABC
Beautiful Dreamer key of D PDF ABC
Beautiful Dreamer DAD capo 3 PDF
Beautiful Star of Bethlehem PDF ABC
Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes PDF ABC
Bedfordshire May Day Carol This version includes melody only (for noter playing) and chord melody tablature in DAA and DAD tunings. The lyrics are included and there are 5 pages in the pdf file. The midi file plays the melody in DAA, then DAD, then DAA with chords, then DAD with chords. PDF Midi
Been to the East, Been to the West I'm not sure where I found this Old-Time tune, but it's a fun one. Look on YouTube for Rachel Eddy with this title and you'll hear lots of ornaments and variations you can add to it. And she plays it in D! (In researching it, I see that Stephen Seifert has it in his "Join the Jam II" book. I'll have to search it out and compare versions!) PDF Midi TXT
Beggar PDF Midi TXT
Bells of Saint Mary's PDF
Berwick Jockey PDF Midi
Beulah Land PDF
Beware, Oh, Take Care PDF Midi
Big Rock Candy Mountain A Wikipedia article says authorship was claimed by both Harry McClintock and Billy Mack, but in a lawsuit the song was ruled to be in the public domain. I best remember the version that Burl Ives recorded in 1949. While I was working on my MD arrangement, I found the song in a book with crumbly pages that I inherited from my mother, Gems of the Universe, 200 of the world's most favorite songs, (Remick Music Corp., 1934). A few disjointed thoughts there. Anyhow here's the song. PDF Midi
Billy Barlow This Southwestern ballad is found in Alan Lomax's "Folksongs of North America" and was sung by Pete Seeger and others, with some variations in lyric and timing. An old English version describes a quintet shooting a cutty wren with bows and arrows. It was a song of protest by the hungry British peasantry. In most American versions, a squirrel, rat, or other small animal replaces the cutty wren. PDF Midi TXT
Billy Boy Traditional American Folk Song PDF TXT
Bittersweet Memories (Dulcimer 1) PDF
Bittersweet Memories (Dulcimer 2) PDF
Bittersweet Memories (Guitar) PDF
Bj√łrnen Sover Swedish children's song PDF Midi
Black -Eyed Susie PDF
Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair - CGC tuning, Key of F PDF
Black Mountain Rag PDF Midi
Black Mountain Rag Two versions: DAD in chord/melody style, DAA in noter/drone style PDF
Black Mountain Rag v1 Tabbed for my club PDF
Black Mountain Rag v2 tabbed for my club PDF
Black Velvet Band Per Wikipedia, the song dates back to somewhere between 1837 -1853. It has been redone many times since. This is an old Irish Folk tune that surprisingly may have originated in England albeit with different lyrics. PDF Midi
Blackberry Blossom Bluegrass PDF
Blackberry Blossom PDF Midi
Blackberry Winter Traditional Folk Song PDF
Blackest Crow-fingerstyle PDF
Blank Tablature Page PDF
Bless Be The Tie That Binds Hymn PDF
Blessed Assurance Hymn PDF
Blessed Assurance - Ionian PDF
Blind Mary Attributed to Turlough O'Carolan, though not his usual composing style. PDF Midi
Blind Mary PDF Midi
Bloomfield Leaves Original song with permission PDF
Blow the Candles Out PDF
Blow The Man Down A Sea Shanty PDF Midi
Blow, Boys, Blow PDF Midi TXT
Blue Juniata Old pretty tune PDF ABC
Board-Walker's Waltz Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
Boatman PDF
Bohemian Christmas Song Anon. Czech Republic PDF Midi
Boil Them Cabbage Down Traditional Folk Tune popular with dulcimer players PDF ABC
Boil Them Cabbage Down PDF
Bold Peddler PDF Midi TXT
Bold Riley PDF Midi TXT
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine Old fiddle tune in DAD
Bonaparte's Retreat PDF
Bonaparte's Retreat - Lyrics TXT
Boney PDF Midi TXT
Bonnie Doon Scottish waltz PDF ABC
Boulavogue PDF Midi TXT
Bourree PDF
Boys of Bluehill PDF ABC
Brady PDF Midi TXT
Brady PDF Midi TXT
Brahms Lullaby PDF
Branle de Bourgogne A Branle is a French Renaissance dance which is said to have opened most balls at the time. Sixteenth-century write Thoinot Arbeau says of the Burgundian Branle, "this is how servants and lackeys dance." PDF Midi
Brethren We Have Met To Worship PDF
Brian Boru's March Irish Jig PDF
Brian Boru's March Irish Jig PDF Midi
Brindley Mountain Reel Original tune by Shirley Gullion, submitted with her permission PDF Midi
Bring a Torch & Good Christian PDF
Bringing In The Sheaves This version contains a melody only version and a chord/melody version. One note is a D# and a D (open melody string) is substituted for that note. PDF Midi
Brown Eyes Although Woody Guthrie recorded it in the 1940's and various artists copyrighted their versions since then, this tune has been around since well before then and since, in many versions. This version is the tune Guthrie recorded, with an extra two verses that fill out the story. PDF Midi TXT
Brushy Fork Of John's Creek PDF Midi
Bryn Calfaria Welsh tune PDF
Buachaill on Eirne PDF
Buck Eyed Rabbit Fiddle Tune PDF
Buck-Eyed Jim PDF Midi TXT
Buffalo Boy PDF Midi TXT
Bullfrog Junction Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
Bully of the Town PDF Midi
Bury Me Beneath the Willow Fold Song PDF
Butcher Boy PDF Midi
Butter'd Pease An English dance tune found in Walsh's "The Compleat Country Dancing-Master 4th Edition" (London, 1765) as well as other dance collections in the 1700's. Related to the Scottish strathspey, Stumpie. PDF Midi
By the Light of the Silvery Moon PDF
By The Silvery Rio Grande PDF Midi TXT
Cabbage and Noodles PDF
Cajun Two-Step PDF Midi
Cajun Waltz Southern Folk PDF
Cajun Waltz PDF
Camptown Cabbage PDF
Camptown Jig PDF
Camptown Races by Stephen Foster PDF ABC
Canadien Errant PDF Midi
Candlemas Eve Carol PDF Midi
Cannon's Land 1 PDF
Cannon's Land 2 PDF
Canon PDF
Cape Cod Girls PDF
Careless Love PDF Midi TXT
Carmina Burana Played in E minor with capo on the first fret. I heard Sandy Bull play this on a banjo years ago, and managed to pick it out on a dulcimer. PDF Midi
Carol Of The Bells This version in CGC tuning might be easier for singers with low voices. PDF Midi
Carol of the Bells Two part arrangement by Shirley Gullion, submitted with her permission. Two different versions of Dulcimer 2 part: one with 1+ fret, one without PDF Midi
Carol Of The Hay PDF Midi TXT
Carolan's Dream PDF
Carrickfergus An old Irish song circa 1745. PDF Midi
Carrickfergus Irish Folk Song - circa 1745 PDF Midi
Carry Me Back to Old Viginny (D) PDF
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny PDF
Castle By The Sea (NH) PDF Midi TXT
Castle By The Sea (Spanish) PDF Midi
Castle of Dromore Traditional Irish
Catherine Martin Catherine Martin was written by Turlough O'Carolan. This version is in DAD tuning but a dulcimer tuned EBD (E bass, B middle, and D melody) is playing just the melody notes on the LISTEN file. PDF Midi
Celebrated Trumpet Tune, The This arrangement is of tune #590 in "The Gow Collection of Scottish Dance Music." It's my first attempt at actually showing a duet in the staff and notes, even though the tab doesn't attempt to play all of both parts - just the melody and some of the harmony. However, if you have a four-string dulcimer in D-A-d-d it's quite possible to play the duet, given the way the two trumpets parts are written. PDF Midi
Chad Gadyo Israeli Children's Folk Song PDF Midi
Chairs to Mend An English round from the late 1700's. This popular version is just the first two measures of each line of five measures of the original round, written by William Hayes. PDF Midi TXT
Charity Just started playing Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer several months ago, and I wrote this song, it's about my daughter & her horse...David Messenger PDF
Cherokee Shuffle PDF
Chester PDF Midi TXT
Childgrove PDF
Chinquapin Hunting Key of A - Capo 4
Chopsticks PDF
Chord Aid - Chords with Fingering PDF
Chord Aid - Putting Chords to Notes PDF
Chord Chart DAA Major DAA Major Chord Chart PDF
Chord Chart DAA Minor PDF
Chord Chart DAD Major PDF
Chord Chart DAD Minor PDF
Chord chart for AEA tuning Steve Smith has done it again! PDF
Choucoune (Ti Zwazo) The song "Choucoune" is sometimes referred to as a traditional Haitian song called "Ti Zwazo." But the music was written in 1893 by Michel Maulert Monton to accompany a poem written by Oswald Durant in 1883. A song with the identical chorus and a slightly different verse became known in English as "Yellow Bird." PDF
Christ Arose Old hymn by Robert Lowry PDF
Christ the Lord is Risen Today PDF
Christmas e-booklet (beginner) Beginner TAB for Jingle Bells, Friendly Beasts, Good Christian Men Rejoice, Angels We Have Heard On High and First Noel. Chords for dulcimer to accompany singing Silent Night and Away In A Manger PDF
Christmas Eve PDF Midi
Christmas Eve - Ireland Short version of a traditional Irish jig PDF
Christmas Eve - Sweden PDF
Christmas Is Coming PDF Midi TXT
Christmas Medley Cherry Tree Carol/Holy and the Ivy/Away in the Manger (English Version)
Christmas Song PDF Midi
Christmas Time's A Comin' Here's another one from my Christmas CD. This is a duet tuned DAD in the key of D PDF
Church in the Wildwood PDF Midi
Church in the Wildwood Three part arrangement: Low Melody, Harmony, and High Melody PDF Midi
Cielito Lindo Mexican folk song. PDF Midi
Ciocarlanul Romanian Folk Song PDF Midi
Click Go the Shears PDF Midi
Cliffs of Dooneen PDF
Cluck Old Hen "Cluck Old Hen" is a popular Appalachian fiddle and banjo tune. PDF Midi
Coast of Peru PDF
Cold is the Morning PDF Midi TXT
Cole Younger Arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
Coleman's March PDF Midi
Colinda Cajun tune! (Handwritten tab) PDF
Collaborative Calypso This tune was a collaborative effort by Grant Olson, Ron Zuckerman, and David Elosser. It is the result of an idea by Grant Olson who proposed a "round robin" tune in which each participant would write 4 measures of the tune and hand it off to the next person. The rules were that no half frets could be used other than 6 1/2, no one was allow to change anything that another person did, and no time or key signature changes. You can read about this in the Jam Session thread "Round Robin Song-#1" (http://www.everythingdulcimer.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=32347) PDF Midi
Colonel Baird From "The Gow Collection of Scottish Dance Music," it credits "Mrs. Oswald." The original collections were published between 1784 and 1822. Although this tune is in the "Jigs" section, it's not too hard to play, and is, after all, listed with the instruction, "Slowish". PDF Midi
Color-coded Multiple-tuning note chart Great tool to keep handy! PDF
Columbus Stockade Blues PDF
Come Again 16th century lute tune by John Dowland. Word also by John Dowland. PDF
Come Christians Join To Sing PDF
Come Dance and Sing Old Time Folk Song - circa early 1900's PDF Midi
Come Here, Lord PDF Midi TXT
Come Let Us Be Joyful PDF Midi
Come Thou Almighty King
Come Thou Fount Hymn PDF
Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing PDF
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus - Chord Melody DAD chord-melody arrangement PDF Midi
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus - Melody Drone Melody drone, dorian tuning. CGF low to high. PDF Midi
Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing PDF TXT
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing Hymn PDF Midi TXT
Comfort, Comfort, Ye My People PDF
Common Bill PDF Midi TXT
Coplas PDF Midi
Corcoran's Cross Traditional Irish PDF
Cosher Bailey's Engine Crashsaw Bailey (1789 - 1872) was an English Industrialist who became one of the great iron-masters of Wales. In 1845 he was instrumental in setting up the Aberdare Railway, and also promoted railways between Coleford and Usk, via Monmouth. He was well known for being hostile to trade unions and opposed his workers organizing themselves along these lines. The nonsense song written about Crashaw Bailey was soon corrupted to "Cosher Bailey" and verses were added on by anyone who knew how to make a rhyme. PDF Midi TXT
Cossack Lullaby Russian Folk Song PDF Midi
Cotton Mill Girls PDF Midi TXT
Cotton-Eyed Joe Pre-1861 PDF Midi
Coventry Carol This version has tab for DAD, CGC, and GDA# mountain dulcimer tunings. It also includes additional arrangements with lyrics and guitar chords. PDF Midi
Coventry Carol PDF
Coventry Carol - Melody and Harmony 16th Century Christmas carol. PDF Midi
Crabwalk PDF Midi
Crawdad Song Fun tune PDF ABC
Creag Ghuanach DAA This version requires a 6+ fret for one of the chords. PDF Midi
Creag Ghuanach DAA Noter This version starts with a refrain, then a verse, then the refrain. The harmony can be heard in the LISTEN file on the second refrain. PDF Midi
Creag Ghuanach DAD This version is played with a refrain, then verse, then refrain. The LISTEN file has a harmony on the second refrain. PDF Midi
Cripple Creek PDF Midi TXT
Crow Fish Man PDF Midi
Crown Him with Many Crowns old hymn PDF
Cruel War This song supposedly dates back to the Civil War, but it may come from an older British song, as the lyrics mention gunieas, an English coin minted from 1663 to 1816. Civil War era photos exist of women dressed in soldier's uniforms. There were allegedly 600 women who served in the army, disguised as men. Some versions of this song have a tragic ending where she is killed in battle. PDF Midi TXT
Cryderville Jail One of many songs complaining about prison life. Related songs are Wise County Jail, Durham Jail, The Durant Jail, Hard Times in Mount Holly Jail and Hard Times at Little New River. PDF Midi TXT
Cumberland Gap There are lots of versions of this song. This tune is based on Leroy Troy's version on the CD, 'Songs of the Civil War'. The lyrics here are based on several versions and are common, but each singer seems sing it their own way! PDF Midi TXT
Cwm Rhondda Welsh tune PDF
Dan The Cobbler Traditional Irish PDF
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies PDF Midi
Danny Boy
Danny Boy PDF Midi
Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) PDF
Dark Eyes Traditional Russian Tune PDF ABC
Darktown Strutters' Ball Four-part arrangement: Melody, Harmony, Bass, and Dulcimer Drum PDF Midi
Darlin' Corey PDF Midi
Dat du mien leevsten buest PDF
Dawning of the Day The Dawning of the Day (Irish: F√°inne Gael an Lae) is an old Irish air composed by the blind harpist Thomas Connellan in the 17th Century. PDF Midi TXT
Deceivèd Girl, The Collected in KY - 1932 PDF Midi TXT
Deck The Halls Christmas carol PDF ABC
Deep Elem Blues Blues PDF
Delia PDF Midi TXT
Dem Dry Bones American Spiritual PDF Midi
Den Signade Dag One of at least three Swedish songs by this name. My favorite, by far! I particularly like a comment on an amazing YouTube video of the a cappella group Kraja performing this song at a Christmas concert: "Until yesterday I didn't believe in the existence of angels. Now I changed my mind." PDF Midi
Devil Ate the Groundhog PDF Midi
Did Christ Over Sinners Weep
Did You Ever See A Lassie Kids song PDF ABC
Ding Dong Merrily On High Christmas dance tune circa mid-1500's PDF Midi
Dingle Regatta PDF
Dives and Lazarus A version of the English ballad "Dives and Lazarus," this was collected by John Jacob Niles from the singing of Lottie Higgins; Harlan, KY in 1934. It was originally an English ballad (Child Ballad 56) and a carol. It is based on a parable of Jesus reported only in the Gospel of Luke (16:19-31). As in other popular renderings of the Lazarus and Dives parable, "Dives" (Latin for "rich" or "splendid") was considered as a proper name. PDF Midi TXT
Dixie Civil war tune played frequently by both sides PDF ABC
Dixie's Lament "Dixie" played in a minor key PDF Midi
Do Lord PDF
Do, Do, Pity My Case From "American Folk Songs for Children" by Ruth Crawford Seeger PDF Midi
Dog Treed A Possum Up A White Oak Tree PDF
Don't You Weep After Me PDF Midi TXT
Dona Nobis Pacem PDF
Donald MacGillavry Donald McGallavry as played on the "Lewis and Clark" soundtrack (Film by Ken Burns) PDF
Donkey Riding PDF Midi TXT
Down By The Glenside An Irish Republican Rebel Song PDF Midi
Down by the Salley Garden DAD, DAA, CGC PDF
Down by the Sally Garden PDF Midi
Down in the Valley PDF Midi
Down Yonder PDF Midi
Doxology PDF
Doxology PDF
Dreadnought PDF Midi TXT
Dreidel Song Playing with the dreidel (a spinning top with four sides, and a Hebrew letter printed on each side) is a traditional Hanukkah game played in Jewish homes all over the world. The meaning of the lyrics to the Yiddish and English versions is largely the same. However, in English the singer sings about a dreidel, whereas in Yiddish the singer is the dreidel. In the Yiddish version, the dreidel is made out of "blay", which is lead, which is historically accurate, and in the English version it is made of clay. Professor of Music and Jewish Studies at Northeastern University, Joshua Jacobson, claims the song was originally in Yiddish and the opening line was "I made it out of lead." Samuel Grossman is said to have penned the English lyrics, and Samuel Goldfarb, a Jewish liturgical composer employed by the Bureau of Jewish Education between 1914 and 1929, wrote the melody for the English version. PDF Midi TXT
Drifting Too Far From The Shore PDF Midi TXT
Drink To Me Only PDF Midi TXT
Drunkard's Hell PDF Midi TXT
Drunken Sailor A Sea Song PDF Midi
Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen DAD, DAA, CGC, and CGG PDF Midi
Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen PDF Midi TXT
Duck of the Meadow PDF Midi
Dudulas Hungarian Folk Song PDF Midi
Duermete Nino Lindo (Sleep Beautiful Boy) PDF Midi TXT
Dulcimer Blues PDF
Dulcimer Tab Page PDF
Eagle's Whistle PDF Midi
Early One Morning PDF Midi TXT
East Virginia PDF Midi TXT
Easter Hymn This popular Easter tune serves as the melody for "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" (which was based on a 14th-century Latin hymn) and "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" (which was written by Charles Wesley in 1739). PDF Midi
Ebenezer Welsh tune PDF
Echoes from Heaven PDF
Ein Hund lief in die K?che German tune PDF
El Condor Pasa DAC Tune PDF
Eleanor Plunkett A popular Irish harp tune by Turlough O'Carolan PDF
En Passant par la Lorraine PDF Midi TXT
En Passant par la Lorraine French children's song PDF Midi TXT
Engine 143 From Wikipedia: "Engine One-Forty-Three" is a ballad in the tradition of early American train wreck songs, based on the true story of the wreck of the FFV near Hinton, West Virginia on October 23rd, 1890. The train was on its way to Clifton Forge, Virginia, when it hit a rock slide. The author of the song is unknown, but the best known version of the song was written down by A. P. Carter and recorded by the Carter Family. PDF Midi TXT
English Country Garden PDF Midi
Er Is Een Kindeke Geboran Op Aard PDF Midi
Every Star Shall Sing A Carol Christmas Song PDF Midi
Everybody Loves Saturday Night PDF Midi TXT
Expectation Waltz (Odzindani) Russian folk song 1914 PDF Midi
Fa la nana, bambin PDF Midi TXT
Fa la nana, bambin Italian lullaby PDF Midi TXT
Factory Girl Boy, any time you want to know about traditional songs you should visit mudcat.org - you'll be there for hours! Here's a song that's probably been around since the 1830's, again with lots of variations. (But definitely not the same "Factory Girl" sung by the Rolling Stones!) PDF Midi TXT
Fair and Tender Ladies PDF ABC
Fair and Tender Ladies PDF Midi TXT
Fairest Lord Jesus Three part arrangement: Melody, Harmony, and Bass PDF
Fairest Lord Jesus PDF
Fais Dodo (Go To Sleep) French Lullaby, Arranged by Steve smith PDF Midi TXT
Faith Of Our Fathers PDF
Farewell to Tarwathie PDF
Farewell To The Tarpeys Of Arderry Traditional Irish Jig PDF Midi
Farewell To Whiskey PDF Midi
Farmer In The Dell Traditional Kids Song PDF ABC
Farther Along PDF Midi TXT
Farther Along PDF Midi
Fast Flowin' River PDF Midi
Fast Flowin' River (Guitar Tab) PDF
Father Father PDF Midi
Father Halperin's Top Coat PDF Midi
Father O'Flynn Irish Jig PDF Midi
Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies - Complete Old-time PDF Midi
Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies - Simplified Old-time PDF Midi
Field of Hay This is an old Irish jig I derived from P. W. Joyce's "Ancient Irish Music" published in 1873. Mr. Joyce collected many Irish tunes at the time and this one he "Noted down from the whistling of Philip Gleeson, of Coolfree, in the County of Limerick". This version is in the E Phrygian mode. PDF Midi
Finlandia - Be Still My Soul PDF Midi
Fire Down Below Also called The Fire Ship PDF Midi
Fire Down Below PDF Midi TXT
First Noel PDF ABC
First Noel PDF Midi
Fisher's Hornpipe Based on an arrangement by Butch Ross, submitted with his permission PDF
Five Pound Possum Humor PDF
Flop Eared Mule PDF Midi
Flop-Eared Mule - Low D version PDF Midi
Flowers of Edinburgh PDF
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Fiddle Tune PDF
Foggy Dew - Basic Melody Basic melody version of this lovely traditional Irish Air. : PDF
Foggy Dew w/Rhythm Rhythm arrangement of this lovely, traditional Irish Air. PDF
Foggy Dew with Simple Chords A simplified chord melody version of this lovely, traditional Irish Air. PDF
Follow the Drinking Gourd PDF Midi TXT
For Those In Peril On The Sea Naval Academy Hymn PDF ABC
For The Beauty of the Earth Key of D PDF Midi
For The Beauty of the Earth PDF Midi
For The Beauty Of The Earth PDF
Four In The Middle PDF Midi TXT
Four Marys PDF Midi TXT
Fourths PDF Midi
Free America Revolutionary War Song PDF
Frere Jacques/Are You Sleeping/Brother John PDF ABC
Froggie Went A Courtin' Traditional Kids Song PDF ABC
From Depths of Woe I Cry to Thee PDF
From Heaven Above to Earth I Come PDF
From Night Till Morn A Welsh tune now known as a pub tune in Britain, from William Litten's Tune Book, a collection of fiddle tunes made by William Litten at sea with the British India fleet in the years 1800 to 1802. Sometimes with lyrics, it appears in many books from throughout the British Isles from 1779 through the 1800's, including a classical version credited to William Shield PDF Midi
From The Hillls To The Sea PDF
Fur Elise This is for chromatic dulcimer PDF Midi
Gabriel's Message This file includes tab for DAD and CGC mountain dulcimer along with lyrics and guitar chords. Gabriel's Message is usually a favorite around Christmas time but the theme might also be suitable for 9 months before Christmas. PDF Midi
Gabriel's Message Gabriel's Message' was adopted from a 16th century traditional Basque carol by English composer Edgar Pettman in 1892 for his songbook 'Modern Christmas Carols'. The carol tells the story of the event where the archangel Gabriel tells the virgin Mary that she is soon to bear the baby Jesus. PDF Midi
Gaelic Air
Gaily The Troubadour PDF Midi TXT
Gary Owen U.S. 7th Cavalry Regimental Marching Song PDF Midi
Gary Owen - Bm U.S. 7th Cavalry Regimental Marching Song in Bm PDF Midi
Gaudete PDF
Generous Woman PDF Midi
Gentle Annie Nice Stephen Foster tune PDF Midi ABC
Gentle Maidens' Waltz Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
Gently Johnny, My Jingalo PDF Midi
Geordie (Four String Version) PDF
George Collins PDF Midi TXT
Ghost of the Well PDF
Gimme Some Fried Green Tamaders Novelty song. PDF Midi
Give Me That Old Time Religion Southern Gospel Song PDF Midi
Give Me Your Hand Give Me Your Hand (Tabhair Dom Do Lamh) by Ruairi Dall O'Cathain (blind Rory O'Cahan,1570-1650), an Irish harper who emigrated to Scotland. He wrote this tune for Lady Eglinton in about 1603 after she apologized for insulting him. The tune is sometimes mistakenly attributed to O'Carolan, who was born 20 years after O'Cathain's death. This song is often played at Irish weddings and is sometimes called the Irish Wedding Song. PDF
Give Your Heart To Jesus Music and Lyrics by Reverend Alfred Arthur Grayley From Heavenly Carols (1878) PDF Midi
Go Down Moses PDF Midi
Go Tell It On The Mountain Christmas spiritual PDF ABC
Go Tell It on the Mountain PDF Midi
Go To Sleepy PDF Midi TXT
God Be With You Til We Meet Again PDF
God Loves Me Dearly PDF Midi
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen PDF
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen PDF
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen PDF
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen PDF
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen PDF
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad Some people think Woody Guthrie wrote this, while others only know the Grateful Dead version. It's a traditional folk song that was first recorded in 1924, and was a theme song for hobos and Dust Bowl refugees in the 1930's. There are many versions of the song's lyrics, given how many folks have sung it. The ones I'm including are from The Folk Song Abecedary, published in 1966. PDF Midi TXT
Going Down To Cairo PDF
Going Home PDF Midi
Gold Watch & Chain Blue Grass PDF
Golden Slippers Traditional National Anthem for the Hammer Dulcimer PDF
Gone But Not Forgotten Possible Post Bellum song PDF Midi
Good Christian Friends Christmas Hymn PDF
Good King Wenceslas PDF
Good King Wenceslas PDF
Good Morning Mr. Railroadman PDF Midi TXT
Good Night Ladies Folk song from 1867 PDF Midi
Good Times with Good Friends Original composition written while wait for people to show up for a jam and social. It represents the fellowship shared when friends get together to make music PDF Midi
Goodbye Old Paint PDF Midi TXT
Goodbye, Brother PDF Midi TXT
Goodnight Irene Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
Goodnight Irene Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
Grace Greater Than Our Sin PDF
Grandfather's Clock PDF
Grandfather's Dance A pub song played throughout the British Isles. PDF Midi
Granny Does Your Dog Bite PDF Midi
Gray Cat on a Tennesee Farm
Great Big Taters in Sandy Land This is an old-time tune, and such has lots of variations, most of them in the key of G. This one's fun to play on the dulcimer, although it's tabbed here in D. But once you learn it, you can retune to D-G-dd or D-G-GG and play along with the fiddlers, with some changes in fingering, of course! PDF Midi
Great Granddad PDF Midi TXT
Green Broom PDF Midi
Green Grow The Rushes-O words by Robert Burns PDF Midi
Green Willis PDF
Green Wood Tree PDF
Greensleeves Classic piece for those who play at Renn Fairs and the like. Dates back to the 1500s. Some say it was composed by Henry VIII. PDF
Greensleeves The reason I like to fingerpick Greensleeves is to make the dulcimer sound more lute-like in Elizabethan-style. PDF
Greensleeves This is a fingerpicked version. PDF
Greensleeves PDF Midi
Grimstock PDF Midi
Ground Hog PDF
Groundhog This old traditional tune has many versions. This version includes versions for DAD tuning and DAE tuning. Players might want to use a capo on the 6th fret for the DAD version. A noter or melody only method is all that is needed for playing the DAE version. PDF Midi
Groundhog 2 This version of Groundhog is in DAA tuning. PDF Midi
Gute Nacht PDF Midi TXT
Ha Na Boddachin PDF Midi
Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above and Daa PDF
Hail to the Chief music by James Sanderson lyrics by Sir Walter Scott words by Albert Gamse PDF
Hallelujah I'm A Bum! PDF Midi TXT
Hallelujah! What A Savior Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Hangman, Slack On The Line PDF Midi TXT
Happy Birthday The most recognized song in the English language. Midi
Happy Birthday To You PDF Midi
Happy Christmas Comes Once More PDF Midi TXT
Happy Land Southern Folk PDF
Happy Land Three-part arrangement: Melody, Low Harmony, and High Harmony PDF Midi
Hard Times PDF Midi TXT
Hard Times Come Again No More
Hard, Ain't It Hard PDF Midi TXT
Hark the Glad Sound PDF
Hark the Harold Angels Sing (page 1) PDF
Hark the Harold Angels Sing (page 2) PDF
Hark The Herald Angels Sing PDF
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing PDF
Harrison Town PDF Midi
Harvest From Mark Horning: How the song came about, I was sitting on my front porch playing the dulcimer in the fall when the moon came up and simutaniously I hit on a waltz melody. The words came two weeks later. At first I called it half moon until a friend reminded me that that's the symbol on a outhouse door. I then changed it to Harvest Moon until another friend reminded me of the Neil Young song so now it is Harvest Moon Arising. There is no copyright on this one. It is my gift to you guys. PDF
Haste to the Wedding PDF ABC
Haven of Rest Hymn PDF
Hawaiian Wedding Song This file was uploaded as two jpgs. PDF
Haymakers PDF Midi
He is Born the Divine Christ Child PDF
He Leadeth Me Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
He Leadeth Me PDF
He's Aye Kissing Me PDF Midi
Hector The Hero PDF Midi
Heeia PDF Midi TXT
Heidenroeslein Goethe's little poem about the encounter between a boy and a little rose have been set to music by several composers, including Franz Schubert. Obviously, this is not Schubert's arrangement, but I like it anyway. PDF Midi
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau Welsh tune PDF
Henry Martin This song is based on a real pirate, only his name was Andrew Barton, not Henry Martin. The English king at the time gave Barton permission to attack Portuguese vessels, but then Barton and his brothers got carried away and started attacking English ships. Not a good move. An English fleet sent out by King Henry VIII captured Andrew Barton, and Barton was later beheaded. PDF Midi
Hey Lolly, Lolly PDF Midi
Higher Ground Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Higher Ground Dulcimer tablature derived from hymn written by Johnson Oatman with music by Charles Gabriel in 1898. PDF
Higher Ground (key of D) Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Highway to Heaven PDF
His Eye is on the Sparrow Hymn
His Eye Is On The Sparrow PDF
His Eye is on the Sparrow PDF
Hobbies PDF Midi TXT
Hold On Haunting Phrygian tune see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbBPZU--UgE for a demonstration PDF TXT
Hold The Fort Philip Bliss, 1870, Words anonymous 1890's, Arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
Holly and the Ivy PDF Midi
Holly Bears a Berry PDF
Holly Bears A Berry, The This Christmas carol also known as "St. Day Carol" is one of the many Cornish Christmas carols written in the 19th century. PDF Midi TXT
Holy Manna PDF Midi
Holy Spirit Truth Divine Music 1623, Words Samuel Longfellow 1864, Arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
Holy, Holy, Holy Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Holy, Holy, Holy PDF
Home on the Range Music from 1873. My own arrangement, best for fingerpicking or flatpicking style. PDF
Home, sweet home A lovely tune by John Howard Payne / Henry Bishop, 1823. PDF
Homespun Dress PDF Midi TXT
Hometown Real - DDDG tuning Written by Mark Horning and Theron Quist. PDF
Hop Light Ladies PDF Midi
Hopalong Peter PDF Midi
Hopping John PDF Midi
Hot Cross Buns PDF
House Carpenter PDF
House of the Rising Sun PDF Midi
How Are Thy Servants Blest, O Lord PDF Midi TXT
How Can I Keep From Singing Music by Robert Lowry 1869 Maybe the first publication of the words was on August 7, 1868, in The New York Observer. Titled "Always Rejoicing", and attributed to "Pauline T." This version is in DAA tuning. PDF Midi
How Can I Keep From Singing PDF Midi
How Can I Keep From Singing PDF Midi
How Firm A Foundation PDF
How Great Thou Art PDF
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place Psalm 84, Arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
Hunting the Buffalo Key of A - Capo 4
Hunting The Buffalo PDF Midi
Huntsman's Chorus Operas and other classical music often incorporate folk tunes, but this one did just the opposite. The tune is from Carl Maria von Weber's opera Der Freisch√ľtz, first performed in Berlin in 1821. By 1826 this tune had already become a part of the English folk tradition, although it has changed a bit from the original operatic version. You can compare them in numerous videos online. What makes it interesting to me as a dulcimer player is that while fiddlers now play it in G, in the opera it is sung in D, so if a fiddler tells you you're playing it in the wrong key, you can tell him you're right! PDF Midi
Hurree Hurroo (A) PDF
Hurree Hurroo (D) PDF
Hush Lil' Baby
Hush Little Baby PDF Midi TXT
Hush Little Baby PDF
Huzzah For Liberty PDF Midi TXT
Hyfrydol Welsh tune PDF
I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger Traditional camp meeting song
I Cried For Days PDF Midi
I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls or The Gipsy Girl's Dream is a popular aria from The Bohemian Girl, an 1843 opera by Michael William Balfe, with lyrics by Alfred Bunn PDF Midi
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus PDF
I Heard the Bells Traditional Christmas Melody PDF
I Know Where I'm Going PDF Midi TXT
I Know Whom I Have Believed PDF
I Love To Tell The Story PDF
I Love You Truly Written by Carrie Jacobs-Bond around 1895 and published in 1901 and again in 1906, Carrie sold a million copies of the sheet music. PDF Midi
I Never Will Marry PDF Midi TXT
I Surrender All PDF
I Will Arise Old Appalachian Hymn PDF
I Will Hold You Close Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. Lyrics are included on the sheet music. Lyrics at taken directly from Isaiah 41. PDF Midi
I Will Understand You can hear this song at http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_10668900 PDF
I Wish I Were Back in Ireland You can hear this song at http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_10668941 PDF
I Wonder As I Wander Chords to accompany vocal and Solo dulcimer versions PDF
I Wonder As I Wander Finding I Wonder As I Wander Kentuckian John Jacob Niles, renowned scholar and collector of folk music, found the carol, I Wonder As I Wander, in July of 1933 in Murphy, NC on a field trip with his photographer friend, Doris Ulmann. Just by chance, he discovered a little band of itinerant revival street preachers on the steps of Murphy Methodist church, who had rigged a wooden platform on the back of a car, and were about to use it for preaching. Preacher Morgan was the leader, and Mr. Niles heard the song first sung by his daughter, Annie. As he records in his unpublished journal: "Meanwhile I heard singing coming from the other side of the town square. On investigating, I discovered a revivalist group about to start preaching.....I sauntered over to get a closer look at Preacher Morgan and his entourage. A girl had stepped out to the edge of the little platform attached to the automobile. She began to sing. Her clothes were unbelievably dirty and ragged, and she, too, was unwashed. Her ash-blond hair hung down in long skeins....But, best of all, she was positively beautiful, and in her untutored way, she could sing. She smiled as she sang, smiled rather sadly, and sang only a single line of a song. The burden of her song had to do with wondering and wandering and the reasons for Christ's birth and death: "I wonder as I wander out under the sky how Jesus, the Savior was born for to die"... and then she stopped although I had thrown a silver quarter at her feet." " Mr. Niles furiously transcribed this little tune into his field notebook, and then encouraged Annie Morgan to sing more. She must have been an astute businesswoman, because she sang for him seven more times, each time he gave her a silver quarter, and each time she revealed a little bit more of the song. He edited it and scored it for print in October, 1933, and he sang it publicly for the first time in December of that same year at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. Since that time, it has become one of the most popular and beloved American Christmas carols, arranged numerous times for choirs, soloists, orchestras, and handbells, and it has appeared in countless anthems and Christmas church cantatas. And it all began right here in Western North Carolina. (Incidentally, at today's silver prices, Mr. Niles paid Annie Morgan $64 for I Wonder As I Wander - more money than she had ever seen at one time.) PDF
I Wonder When I Shall Be Married As sung by Jean Ritchie. An American version of the 17th century British song, "The Maidens sad complaint for want of a Husband." From Jean Ritchie's notes from Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians: Our family has its worries. There were eleven girls born in our house, and only three boys, and that seemed to be pretty much the pattern all through the community. This little song the girls used to sing over the dishwashing, and by the time the older ones got up into their teens, it had come to have real meaning. By the time I came along, it was well established in our locality as "the Ritchie old-maid song." PDF Midi TXT
I'll Fly Away
I'll Fly Away Simple beginner version. PDF
I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers PDF Midi
I'm Going to Georgia Collected from Stella Shelton in Alleghany, NC on July 29, 1916 PDF Midi
I'm Going To Georgia Collected from Stella Shelton by Sharp, 1916 (Folk Songs ofd the Southern Appalachians) PDF Midi
I'm Just A Rebel Soldier PDF Midi TXT
I'm Nine Hundred Miles From My Home PDF Midi TXT
I've Been Working On The Railroad (The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You) PDF ABC
I've Been Working On The Railroad - Melody and Harmony Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
I've Got No Use For Women PDF Midi
If I Were A Blackbird PDF
If You're Happy And You Know It Kid's activity tune PDF ABC
If, On A Quiet Sea PDF Midi TXT
Ihr Kinderlein Kommet PDF
Ihr Kinderlein kommet German Christmas Tune PDF
In Forest and Meadow PDF Midi TXT
In The Bleak Mid Winter PDF
In The Bleak Midwinter PDF Midi
In The Garden PDF
In the Good Old Summer Time Here are two tabs for ED: In the Good Old Summer Time (public domain - 1902) in DAA noter/drone style and DAD' fingerpicking style. I'm a new mountain dulcimer player and did this as an exercise to get familiar with the fretboard notes and chords. PDF
In The Pine PDF Midi TXT
In The Pines Blue Grass PDF
In The Pines Blue Grass PDF
In The Small Village of Bethlehem Hungarian Christmas Song. Melody and Harmony/ PDF Midi
In the Smithy PDF Midi TXT
In the Sweet By & Bye Old Time Favorite PDF
In the sweet by and by PDF
Infant Holy PDF Midi TXT
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly PDF
Irish Cabbage PDF
Is Your All On The Altar PDF
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear PDF
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (D) PDF Midi
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (G) Arranged by Shirley Gullion, submitted with her permission PDF Midi
It Don't Matter to Me Words: Autumn Perreault (aka AutumnStrings) except for 3rd verse which I wrote Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxX8YB43_qs PDF
It Is Well With My Soul Novice level PDF
It Is Well With My Soul PDF
It Rained A Mist PDF Midi TXT
J'avais un Camarade PDF Midi TXT
J'avais un Camarade (Fingerpicked) PDF
Jacob's Ladder PDF Midi
Jai Passe Devant ta Porte Cajun tune! (handwritten tab) PDF
Jam On Gerry?s Rocks PDF Midi TXT
Jasmine Flower PDF Midi
Jealous Lover PDF Midi TXT
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair PDF Midi
Jerusalem My Happy Home Hymn
Jerusalem My Happy Home PDF
Jesus Borned in Bethlea From "American Folk Songs for Children" by Ruth Crawford Seeger PDF Midi
Jesus Lover of My Soul PDF
Jesus the very thought of Thee PDF
Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head PDF Midi
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross PDF Midi
Jigging with Joe (Old Joe Clark) PDF
Jim Along Josie PDF Midi
Jingle Bells Christmas Carol PDF ABC
Jingle Bells Three-part arrangement: Melody, Harmony, and Bass PDF Midi
Jock O'Hazeldean Jock O'Hazeldean is an old Scottish song first published in the early 1800's. This version is in DAD tuning and does not require a 6+ fret but some of the melody is on the middle string. PDF Midi
Jock O'Hazeldean (closer to traditional) This tablature file contains DAA, DAD, CGG, and CGC versions of Jock O'Hazeldean and tries to hold a little bit closer to what some might consider the traditional (or better known) melody. Also included are 4/4 versions that were derived from versions collected as sung in 1960. The listen file includes a verse in DAA played with a noter, the second verse in DAA with chords, and the third verse in DAD with chords. PDF Midi
Jock O'Hazeldean DAA This version of Jock O'Hazeldean is in DAA tuning. The song can be played on just the melody strings in melody drone fashion, so the listen file includes a verse played with a noter. Playing all of the chords in the chord melody style requires a 6+ fret for the bass string. PDF Midi
John Henry PDF Midi
John Peel PDF Midi TXT
Johnny Todd This children's play (skipping) song appears in Frank Kidson's "Traditional Tunes: A Collection of Ballad Airs" (1891). Kidson collected it in Liverpool, England "from a singer of deficient memory." PDF Midi TXT
Johnson Boys An old-time tune, with lyrics from at least the 1920's but the tune is a fiddle tune that is much older. The lyrics vary by state, but definitely a tune that would have been found around NC 100 years ago. PDF Midi TXT
Johnson's Motor Car The song, based on a real event in 1920, describes how an Irish Republican Army unit needed transport to a town over fifty miles away, but had no car to carry them. They decided to call out Doctor Johnston and then ambush him and his car at a railway bridge and commandeer the car for the IRA. The song was very popular in Ireland in the 1920s before being rediscovered and covered by bands like The Dubliners and Flying Column, although the more modern versions have slightly different lyrics. [Wikipedia] PDF Midi TXT
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas PDF
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho PDF Midi
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho - Em PDF Midi
Joy to the World With simplified chords. PDF
Joy to the World PDF
Joy To The World (DAA) PDF
Joy Unspeakable PDF
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee PDF
Joys of Quebec French Canadian Reel PDF
Juba This and Juba That From "American Folk Songs for Children" by Ruth Crawford Seeger PDF Midi
June Apple PDF
June Apple PDF Midi
Just a Closer Walk With Thee PDF
Just a Closer Walk With Thee PDF
Just a Closer Walk with Thee PDF Midi
Just As I Am PDF
Just As I Am - Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
Just as I Am, Without One Plea PDF
Just Over in the Glory Land PDF
Kate Dalrymple Famous old Scottish reel, pipe tune, dance PDF Midi ABC
Kathleen O'Moore Old Irish, Arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
Katie Bairdie a traditional Scottish children's song PDF
Katushya - Melody and Harmony Russian Christmas Song PDF Midi
Keep The Home Fires Burning World War I song PDF Midi
Kelvingrove This version with DAD and DAA tablature along with lyrics for all of the verses. PDF Midi
Keys of Heaven PDF Midi TXT
Kind Miss PDF Midi TXT
Kind Sir PDF Midi
Kitty Magee Irish Folk PDF
Kneel at the Cross
Kum Ba Ya PDF
La Bamba Contains lead instrument, accompaniment and bass dulcimers. PDF Midi
La Cucaracha Mexican folk song. PDF Midi
La Marseillaise French National Anthem PDF Midi
La Paloma DAC Tune PDF
Land of Hope and Glory British Patriotic Song. Based upon Pomp and Circumstance - March No. 5 in C by Sir Edward Elgar. PDF Midi
Land of Rest PDF Midi
Land of the Silver Birch Traditional Canadian Folk Song PDF Midi
Larry O'Gaff Traditional Irish Jig PDF Midi
Lasst uns Froh und Munter sein German Christmas Tune PDF
Laura Reel from the Hardy Family manuscripts, Dorset, 19th century found at The Traditional Tune Archive: http://www.tunearch.org/wiki/TTA PDF
Lavender's Blue 12th Song from 1672 - 1685, arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
Le Carillon de Vendome PDF Midi TXT
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms Gospel Hymn PDF
Leatherwing Bat PDF
Leaving Lismore Leaving Lismore, traditional Scottish tune, also known as La Valse Ecossaise. PDF
Leaving of Liverpool PDF Midi TXT
Lee County Two-Step PDF Midi
Leise rieselt der Schnee German Tune DAD - DAA - DGD included PDF
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Dm This version is in Dm and tablature is for CGC and DAC mountain dulcimer tunings. The LISTEN file starts with a DAC dulcimer and the second time through it is played with a CGC dulcimer. PDF Midi
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Em This version is in Em and tablature is for DAD and EBD mountain dulcimer tunings. The LISTEN file starts with a EBD dulcimer and the second time through it is played with a DAD dulcimer. PDF Midi
Let Me Call You Sweetheart PDF Midi
Letter Edged In Black Traditional Folk Tune PDF ABC
Liberty Traditional Fiddle Tune PDF
Life is LIke a Mountain Railroad was looking for the tab for this, and couldn't find it, so I ended up working it out for myself. The version I'm submitting is designed for noter/drone playing, it only has one line of notes. I'm actually playing in GDD, but DAA should be good also. PDF
Light O' Love PDF
Lily of the Valley PDF
Limerick Waltz PDF Midi
Lincoln and Liberty Civil War Tune PDF ABC
Line Dance Boogie Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
Little Bird, Little Bird PDF Midi TXT
Little Bird, Little Bird Children's song PDF Midi TXT
Little Brown Jug
Little Brown Jug PDF Midi
Little Cabin in the Woods Original song written after playing at a wedding that had an old cabin that the couple were restoring PDF
Little Dutch Girl No, not "I Am A Little Dutch Girl" or the George Morgan 1950's country song. This is an old-time fiddle tune from the Ozarks. The "Fast Version" on the website was fun this time. I've capoed up to "A", the normal key where fiddlers play it, which actually make it easier to play. I'm playing along with a YouTube video of Mike Compton, Joe Newberry and Rafe Stefanini playing it on November 20, 2010 at The Front Hall in Philadelphia. So I can't say the clapping at the end was for me, by any means! PDF Midi
Little Gobbelin PDF Midi
Little Liza Jane Melody and Counter Melody PDF Midi
Little Liza's Cabbage PDF
Little Moses PDF
Little Rosewood Casket PDF Midi TXT
Little Sir Hugh PDF Midi TXT
Little Tree Toad - El Coquito PDF Midi
Liza Jane PDF Midi TXT
Llanfair Welsh tune PDF
Llangloffan Welsh tune PDF
Lo How a Rose E're Blooming PDF
Lo, how a Rose PDF
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming Arrangement by Carole Ehrman PDF
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming PDF Midi
Loch Lomand Loch Lomond is a traditional Scottish song that first appeared in in Vocal Melodies of Scotland 1841. PDF Midi
London Bridge Is Falling Down Traditional Kid's Tune PDF Midi ABC
Lonesome Cowboy PDF Midi TXT
Long Long Ago CGC One part of the melody requires playing the middle string open and the rest of the melody can be played on the melody string(s) without any half frets. PDF Midi
Long Long Ago CGG The melody fits on the melody string(s) without any half frets. If playing chords, one chord requires the 6+ fret on the bass string. PDF Midi
Long Long Ago DAA The melody fits on the melody string(s) without any half frets. If playing chords, one chord requires the 6+ fret on the bass string. PDF Midi
Long Long Ago DAD One part of the melody requires playing the middle string open and the rest of the melody can be played on the melody string(s) without any half frets. PDF Midi
Long, Long Ago PDF Midi TXT
Look, Mister Cuckoo PDF Midi TXT
Lord Bateman PDF
Lord I Lift My Soul To Thee PDF
Lord Keep Us Steadfast In Thy Word PDF
Lord Lovel PDF Midi TXT
Lord Randal PDF
Lord Thomas of Winesberry PDF Midi TXT
Lord, You Have Come to the Lake Shore PDF
Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore Hymn
Lorena PDF
Los Cuatro Generales PDF Midi TXT
Lova Lova Line This Scandinavian folksong I heard sung by Norwegian singer Kim André Rysstad on the album Big Basco by Danish group Basco. It's a simple but beautiful song that may be Norwegian, but Google thinks the lyrics are in Danish. There are two songs by the same name, and as usual, you can hear versions including this one on YouTube. "Line" is a shortened form of a name such as Caroline. The song is asking Line to keep the sun shining on forests and trees, on the white glacier snow and "even on Virgin Mary's knee"! If you can help me out with more exact details, let me know, It's been tough finding information on this one! PDF Midi TXT
Love Came Down at Christmas Christmas PDF Midi TXT
Love is Little PDF Midi
Love Round PDF
Love's Old Sweet Song PDF
Lovely Moon PDF Midi TXT
Lover's Cuckoo PDF Midi TXT
Lowe Bonnie PDF Midi TXT
Lullaby Traditional Irish Lullaby PDF Midi
Lully, Lullay PDF
Lustig ist das Zigeunerleben.mid PDF Midi
Lydia Pinkham In "The American Songbag", Carl Sandburg writes of this song, "Only two of the many verses of this song are presented here. As a satire the piece has its points and touches more than the surface of current life, manners and morals." I included a couple of other verses found commonly online, but there are many others out there, not all of which can be share in polite company! Speaking of company, you can still buy Lydia Pinkham Herbal Tablet Supplement on Amazon, and it even refers to it as the same product she initially sold in 1875. No word, however, of some of the more colorful cures mentioned in the other verses of the song! PDF Midi TXT
Lynchburg Town PDF Midi TXT
Ma'oz Tur Traditional Hannukah song, arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
Madam, I Have Gold and Silver PDF Midi TXT
Madison County Jubilee Original tune in the fingerpicking style PDF
Maggots in the Sheep Hide PDF Midi
Maggots in the Sheep Hide Played by fiddler Sarah Armstrong on November 18, 1943 near Derry, PA PDF Midi
Magpie's Nest PDF Midi
Mairi's Wedding Scottish folk tune PDF
Mallebrok This is a tune well-known in Denmark, but it came from a popular early-1700's French tune, Marlbrough s'en va-t-en guerre which itself was around before the lyrics were added. If you listen closely, you can hear how it later evolved into For He's A Jolly Good Fellow! PDF Midi
Many Thousand Go PDF Midi TXT
Maoz Tzur "Maoz Tzur" is without any doubt the most popular Chanukah [Hanukkah] song. The Maoz Tzur tune that is by now considered to be "traditional" in most parts of the Jewish world, is an adaptation of a German folk song. PDF Midi
Margaret Ann Robertson PDF Midi
Marilla's Lesson Sacred Harp Song PDF
Marine Hymn Music by Jaques Offenbach PDF
Married to a Mermaid According to William Chappell's 'Popular Music of the Olden Time' Vol 2 pp 686-689, the tune was written by Dr Thomas Arne for the masque "Alfred" and given its first performance on August 1st, 1740. PDF Midi TXT
Mary Had A Baby PDF Midi
Mary Had A Little Lamb PDF ABC
Mary Hamilton PDF Midi TXT
May Damsels Dance Midi
May The Road Rise To Meet You An ancient Irish blessing PDF Midi
May The Road Rise Up To Meet You Ancient Gaelic Benediction PDF ABC
Maypole Dance PDF Midi
McFarland's Daughter Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
McNamara's Band Traditional Irish Song PDF Midi
Meirionydd Welsh tune PDF
Memories of Springtime Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
Merrily Kiss the Quaker PDF Midi
Merriweather A nice Celtic reel PDF ABC
Merry Widow Waltz From the Operetta, The Merry Widow - 1905, by Franz Lehar Normally,only the first 31 measures are played. The song is presented in its entirety. PDF Midi
Mes Parents Four-part arrangement: Low Melody, High Melody, Low Harmony, and High Harmony PDF Midi
Michael Turner's Waltz Mozart, Six German Dances KV 536 No. 2. Here's one you can call English, German or Austrian! In the 1840's, Michael Turner of West Sussex in England included this in one of his manuscript books of folk dances and tunes, but without attribution. Most likely he heard in concert Mozart's "Six German Dances", written in 1788. This version is almost identical to Mozart's, with minor changes to make it similar to the most common versions being played since the 1980's, but changed from "G" to "D". PDF Midi
Michael, row the boat ashore Spiritual, about 1862 PDF
Midnight on the Water PDF
Minstrel Boy PDF Midi
Miss Thompson PDF Midi
Miss Welch PDF Midi
Mississippi Moonlight Mississippi Moonlight; original composition by Paul G. Sykes, 2018, in DAA tuning (but can easily be played in DAD tuning as well). PDF Midi
Mississippi Sawyer Fiddle Tune PDF
Mississippi Sawyer PDF Midi
Mist Covered Mountains Traditional Scottish tune PDF ABC
Mister Rabbit PDF Midi TXT
Mo Ghile Mear My Gallant Darling is an old Irish song, written in the Irish language by Se√°n Cl√°rach Mac Domhnaill in the 18th century. It is a lament by the Gaelic goddess √Čire for Bonnie Prince Charlie, who was then in exile. PDF Midi
Modern Mountain Waltz PDF
Mohee PDF Midi TXT
Mohee Collected in NC in 1966 PDF Midi TXT
Molly Malone - Cockles and Mussels Irish song by James Yorkston, about 1883. I am not sure about the melody and rhythm as I just wrote it down as I learned it from friends who sang it. PDF
Moonshine PDF Midi TXT
More About Jesus PDF
More Pretty Girls Than One PDF Midi TXT
Morgen Kinder wird?s was geben German Tune PDF
Morning Comes Early PDF Midi TXT
Morning Has Broken Four-part arrangement: Low Melody, Harmony, High Melody, and Flatpicking PDF
Morning Has Broken PDF Midi TXT
Morning Song PDF Midi
Morning Song PDF Midi
Mowing the Barley PDF Midi
Mrs McGrath A catchy tune. I think it was Burl Ives I heard sing it many years ago. According to Google, the last verse refers to the Spanish theater of the Napoleonic Wars. The song is sometimes called \"Mrs McGraw\", which I understand is the proper Irish pronunciation of the name. Jim Kuder PDF Midi
Muss i denn Muss i denn is a traditional Swabian song first published in 1827. This tune requires a 6+ fret in order to play the melody. Muss i denn with some minor changes was used for the song "Wooden Heart", which was sung by Elvis Presley in the movie "GI Blues". PDF Midi
Muss i denn DAA Muss i denn is a traditional Swabian song first published in 1827. This tune does not require any half frets to play the melody but it does require a 6+ fret in order to play one of the chords. Muss i denn with some minor changes was used for the song "Wooden Heart", which was sung by Elvis Presley in the movie "GI Blues". PDF Midi
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean Folk song - It might refer to "Bonnie Prince Charlie" after his defeat at the battle of Culloden PDF
My Brave Canoe PDF Midi
My Cheatin' Parts - Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm - Cross with Neighbors, Version A PDF
My Clinch Mountain Home DAA tab PDF Midi
My Country, 'Tis of Thee PDF
My Dream of You PDF Midi
My Faith Looks Up To Thee PDF Midi TXT
My Hat, It Has Three Corners - Melody and Harmony German Folk Song. Melody and Harmony. PDF Midi
My Hope Is Built Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
My Jesus, I Love Thee PDF
My Love Is A Rider PDF Midi TXT
My Mind It Is Uneasy This is an old traditional Irish tune I learned from "Irish Peasant Songs", a collection of tunes by P. W. Joyce that was published in 1906. The tablature file includes a CGC version with a capo, a DAG version, and a DAA version. PDF Midi
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need Appalachian Melody PDF
My Wild Irish Rose Song in Key of D PDF Midi
My Wild Irish Rose Song in Key of G PDF Midi
Nacogdoches Waltz
Natchez Under The Hill A traditional civil war fiddle tune, about the seedy waterfront red light district under the bluff of Natchez, Mississippi. PDF Midi
Near The Cross PDF
Near the Cross PDF
Near the Cross (harmony) Hymn PDF
Near the Cross (melody) Hymn PDF
Nearer My God to Thee PDF Midi
Nearer My God to Thee PDF
Ned of the Hill
Never Weather-beaten Sail PDF
New Orleans Old fiddle tune that dates back to the Civil War era, learned from Don Pedi. PDF
New River Train PDF Midi
New Year's Day Scottish song from Niel Gow , circa 1799 PDF Midi
Nifty Renaissancy-Sounding Tune Cooked Up While Waiting for a Clouded Out Observing Session PDF Midi
Nightingale PDF Midi TXT
Ninety-nine Year Waltz Cajun Tune! PDF
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika (Lord, Bless Africa) was composed in 1897 by Enoch Sontonga, a teacher at a mission school in Johannesburg. It was first recorded in London in 1923, and became a popular church hymn also adopted as the anthem at political meetings. For decades it was regarded as the national anthem of South Africa by the oppressed and was sung as an act of defiance against the apartheid regime. A proclamation in 1994 stipulated that both Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika and Die Stem (the Call of South Africa) would be the national anthems of South Africa. In 1996 a shortened, combined version of the two anthems was released as the new National Anthem. This anthem was adapted as "Siunaa koko maailmaa" or "Lord Bless the Whole World" into the hymnal of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church as Verse #501 with a text written by Jaakko Löytty in 1985. If you enter the Finnish name on YouTube you'll see a version with a guy looking up in a train station. This is the moving video that made me fall in love with the tune. Jaakko Löytty is the first singer. PDF Midi TXT
No, Sir PDF Midi TXT
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - Melody and Harmony Spiritual - Circa 1867 PDF Midi
Noreen Bawn A song of emigration and sorrow. PDF Midi
Nothing Between Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Nothing But The Blood Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Now Nature Hangs Her Mantle Green A Robert Burns poem completed on June 6, 1790 as "Lament Of Mary, Queen Of Scots, On The Approach Of Spring". Burns wrote in a 1791 letter, "Misfortune seems to take a peculiar pleasure in darting her arrows against "Honest Men and bonnie Lasses." PDF Midi TXT
Now Sing We, Now Rejoice PDF
O Beautiful for Spacious Skies (America) PDF
O Christmas Tree Must be the Cotton-Eye Joe of Christmas carols - everyone's verses were different. I just accumulated all 12 verses. PDF ABC
O Come All Ye Faithful PDF
O Come All Ye Faithful PDF
O Come, Little Children PDF Midi
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel PDF
O For A Thousand Tongues PDF Midi TXT
O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing PDF
O For a Thousand Tounges to Sing PDF
O God Beneath Thy Guiding Hand Music: Duke Street, attributed to John Hatton, 1793. Words: Leonard Bacon, 1833. According to Hymnary.org, "Leonard Bacon, D.D., was born in Detroit (where his father was a missionary to the Indians), February 19, 1802, and educated at Yale college and at Andover. In 1825 he was ordained Pastor of the Centre Church, New Haven, and retained that charge until 1866, when he was appointed Professor of Theology in Yale Divinity School." "O God, Beneath They Guiding Hand is a favorite American Anniversary hymn. It is abbreviated and altered from his hymn, 'The Sabbath morn is as bright and calm,' which he wrote for the Bicentenary of New Haven, 1833. In this revised form it was first published and appointed 'For the twenty-second of December.'" PDF Midi TXT
O Holy Night (D) PDF Midi
O Holy Night (G) Uses the 1+ fret PDF Midi
O how I love Jesus PDF
O Little Town of Bethlehem PDF Midi
O Little Town of Bethlehem
O Little Town of Bethlehem PDF
O Little Town of Bethlehem PDF
O Sacred Head PDF Midi
O Sole Mio O sole mio is the Neapolitan equivalent of standard Italian Il mio sole and translates literally as "my sunshine". PDF Midi
O Store Gud Swedish Folk Melody PDF Midi ABC
O The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus PDF
O To Be Like Thee Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
O'Carolan's Concerto dadd format, four-string equidistant PDF Midi
O'Carolan's Farewell (four string version) PDF
Ode to Joy PDF Midi
Ode To Joy - Melody and Counter Melody PDF Midi
Of the Fathers Love Begotten PDF
Off To California PDF
Oft in the Stilly Night (Low) PDF Midi
Oft in the Stilly Night_High (High) PDF Midi
Oh Come, Oh come Emanel This tune is one of the oldest Christmas tunes written. I made this arrangement for the Public Domain. PDF Midi
Oh Shenandoah PDF
Oh Susanna A Steven C. Foster tune PDF ABC
Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone Civil War Tune PDF ABC
Oh, How Lovely Is The Evening A 3-part round originally from the German, "O wie wohl ist mir am Abend." Popular throughout Europe and the United States as early as the beginning of the 19th century. It is included in various song collections in English, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian and probably many other languages. PDF Midi TXT
Oh, No, John A song with this theme, The Dumb Lady, Or, No no not I, I'le answer, was printed on a broadside circa 1672-84. It also appears in an earlier manuscript (circa 1635-40), but the lyrics are unreadable. It is also sometimes known as The Spanish Merchant's Daughter. (Description from contemplator.com) PDF Midi TXT
Oh! Susanna PDF Midi
Old Black Joe Steven C Foster Folk Tune PDF ABC
Old DanTucker PDF Midi
Old Folks At Home Steven C Foster tune "Way Down Upon The Suwannee River" PDF Midi ABC
Old Joe Clark PDF Midi TXT
Old Joe Clark PDF
Old Joe Clark Traditional Southern Folk Fiddle Tune PDF ABC
Old Joe Clark - Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
Old Joe Clark 1 PDF
Old MacDonald Does a Jig PDF Midi
Old MacDonald Had A Farm Traditional Kid's Tune from England PDF ABC
Old MacDonald Learns to Waltz PDF Midi
Old Man and the Door PDF Midi TXT
Old Molly Hare PDF Midi TXT
Old Molly Hare Related to the Celtic tune, 'Fairy Dance' PDF Midi TXT
Old Mountain Dew PDF
Old North State PDF Midi
Old Rosin the Bow Traditional. First printed in 1838. Here is a version of the melody as printed in 1852. Own arrangement. PDF
Old Rugged Cross The Old Rugged Cross has two incidental notes that require a 6.5 and 7.5 fret. This version offers substitute notes for dulcimers that might not have the half frets. There is a page with sheet music and chords and a page with just the text and fret numbers. PDF
Old Town Band PDF
Old Woman PDF Midi TXT
Omega PDF Midi
Omie Wise A North Carolina murder ballad in the tradition of English folk songs. In 1808 near Asheboro, NC, Johnathan Lewis murdered nineteen year old Naomi Wise. He had promised to marry her, but then he had the chance to marry another and move up in society, and he killed Naomi. He escaped before conviction, but confessed on his deathbed. PDF Midi TXT
On a Bridge in Campbell County - HD PDF
On Christmas Night Old English Traditional Carol PDF Midi
On The Baltic PDF Midi TXT
On the Banks of Cairnie Burn An original piece in the style of a Scottish Air PDF Midi
On Top of Old Smokey PDF Midi TXT
On Top Of Old Smokey Traditional Folk Tune PDF ABC
On Top Of Spaghetti Traditional Kids Tune PDF ABC
Once I Loved a Maiden Fair PDF Midi TXT
Once In David's Royal City Irish Christmas Carol PDF Midi
Once-Pa'am Achat PDF Midi
One Hundred Pipers A song about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite uprising of 1745. PDF Midi
One More River As with any other song that's been around for a while, this one has lots of variations. This isn't the Jimmy Swaggart version, but more likely one you might have sung in Sunday School as a child. PDF Midi TXT
One Starry Night - Traditional Irish Traveller Song A traditional Irish Traveller song. PDF Midi
One-Two-Three-Four-Five-Six A jig teaching song in both drones and chord melody. PDF Midi
Only Trust Him PDF
Oot Pik Waltz Galic PDF
Oravan Pesä (The Squirrel Nest) Song from Finland. Music by Pekka Juhani Hannikainen. Arranged and tabbed by Peter Widenmeyer 2014 PDF
Over In The Meadow PDF Midi TXT
Over the Hills and Far Away PDF
Over the River and through the Woods PDF Midi
Oxen Song PDF Midi TXT
Pajalaulu (Finnish folk song) Folk song from Finland. It describes the hard work of a smith in his forge. A cheerful melody anyway. Traditional song. Own arrangement. PDF
Pale Moonlight PDF Midi TXT
Panis Angelicus PDF Midi
Pap's Old Billy Goat PDF Midi TXT
Park Avenue PDF
Parting Glass Definitely a Traditional tune. Maybe earliest versions come from Scotland in the 1600's but this version might be considered more of an Irish version. This version in B Minor and does not require a capo. PDF Midi
Pastourelle The pastourelle is a typically Old French lyric form concerning the romance of a shepherdess. PDF Midi
Patrick Spenser This is a song that John Jacob Niles collected from 85-year-old Christopher Bell in 1934 near Gatlinburg, TN. Bell had learned it from his grandparents, who moved to Georgia from Eastern North Carolina at the end of the 18th century. It's a variation on Child Ballad No. 58, "Sir Patrick Spens". Comparing the tunes and lyrics is interesting, though. Quite a bit changed in the trip across the sea and the years! PDF Midi TXT
Paul's Little Hen PDF Midi TXT
Pay Me My Money Down A work song, "Pay Me My Money Down" originated among the stevedores working in the Georgia Sea Islands. It was collected by Lydia Parrish and published in her 1942 book, "Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands." It was performed and popularized by The Weavers and The Kingston Trio in the 1950's. A version was played by the Grateful Dead in the 1960's. It was also a single and video released by Bruce Springsteen in 2006. The melody is much older and is used in other songs. PDF Midi TXT
Peace Round PDF
Peltomies (Finnish folk song) Folk song from Finland. It describes the farmer's work during the year. Traditional song. Own arrangement. PDF
Perfidia All parts can be played on a 3-string dulcimer, although the lead would sound best if played by a hammered dulcimer. A guitar can substitute for the second dulcimer, too. PDF Midi
Piri-miri-dictum Domini PDF Midi TXT
Plaisir D'Amour PDF
Planxty Fanny Power PDF
Planxty Irwin PDF
Plasir D'Amour PDF Midi
Poland Will Not Be Lost PDF Midi
Polly Wolly Doodle Traditional Kid's Tune PDF ABC
Poor Howard's Dead and Gone A "Sukey Jump" song that comes from the singing of Huddie Ledbetter - "Lead Belly" - in the 1930's and 40's. Also sung by The Weavers in the 1950's and Eddy Arnold in the 1960's. "Sukey Jump" is a long obsolete, Southern Black American colloquial referent for country dances. The word "sukey" rhymes with "LOOK ee". Most of the information about sukey jumps comes from several 1939/1940 recordings of Folk/Blues singer/musician Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly) as well as interviews of Leadbelly that were conducted & recorded by folklorist/ collector Alan Lomax. From Leadbelly's comments, it appears that the term "sukey jumps" was used in the Deep South prior to the end of slavery in the United States (1865) and at least until 1940. In 1935 her book "Mules To Men" about life for Black people in rural Florida, Black folklorist Zora Neale Hurston also used the term "sukey Jump" as a referent for a dance attended by Black people which was held outdoors around a bonfire. PDF Midi TXT
Poor Married Man PDF Midi TXT
Poor Working Girl PDF Midi TXT
Possum up a Gum Stump Three different versions: original, simple, and advanced PDF
Precious Memories Traditional PDF
Prelude in Bm PDF Midi
Prelude to "Te Deum" A German prelude to J.S. Bach's Cantata - Te Deum PDF Midi
Prince William PDF Midi
Psalm1 PDF
Psalm11 PDF
Psalm23 PDF
Pull for the Shore PDF
Pumpkinvine Creek Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
Putting On the Style PDF Midi TXT
Quaker's Courtship PDF Midi TXT
Queensland Matilda PDF Midi TXT
Ragland Road PDF Midi
Ragtime Annie Traditional American Fiddle Tune PDF ABC
Railroad Bill The legend of Railroad Bill arose in the winter of 1895, along the Louisville and Nashville Railroad line in southern Alabama. Based loosely on the exploits of an African American outlaw known as "Railroad Bill," tales of his brief but action-filled career on the wrong side of the law have been preserved in song, fiction, and theater. He has been variously portrayed as a "Robin Hood" character, a murderous criminal, a shape shifter, and a nameless victim of the Jim Crow South. L&N detectives claimed he was a man named Morris Slater, and some residents of Brewton believed him to be a man called Bill McCoy who was shot by local law enforcement. PDF Midi TXT
Railroader For Me PDF Midi TXT
Rakes of Kildare Nice jig PDF ABC
Rakes of Mallow PDF Midi
Rattlesnake From singing of Aunt Molly Jackson, Clay County, KY. Collected and arranged by Alan Lomax, 'Folksongs of North America', 1960. PDF Midi TXT
Red Haired Boy Irish Folk Tune PDF Midi ABC
Red Is The Rose Irish Folk Song PDF ABC
Red Light Saloon This is a song of loggers across the northern US. 'The Folk Song Abcdedary' in 1966 stated, 'most versions of the song are unprintable,' so this is the version they included. There was a Red Light Saloon in Muskegon, Michigan in the 1870's, but they say it's not clear the song was written about it. PDF Midi TXT
Red River Valley PDF Midi
Red River Valley PDF
Red River Valley PDF ABC
Red River Valley V2 PDF
Red Wing PDF
Red Wing traditional fiddle tune PDF
Reel of Tullochgorum A Scottish tune which later became popular in England and the US as Jamie Allen. Northumbrian musician Jamie Allen (c. 1734-1810) was a famous small pipes player; he was also somewhat of a rogue, having been a multiple army deserter, bigamist and felon. PDF Midi
Remember the Days When We Were Young Original tune about an old man pining for the simpler times of his youth PDF
Renfro Valley Traditional tune PDF ABC
Reuben Ranzo PDF Midi
Reuben's Train Traditional PDF
Rhosymedre Welsh tune PDF
Riding in the Buggy, Miss Mary Jane PDF Midi TXT
Riding on a Load of Hay PDF Midi
Ring The Banjo PDF Midi
Ring, Ring The Banjo PDF Midi TXT
Road to Lisdoonvarna E Dorian tune played in DAD without using a capo. Arrangement contains melody and backup parts PDF
Road to Lisdoonvarna Traditional Celtic tune Midi
Road To The Isles PDF ABC
Road To The Isles PDF ABC
Robin Hood And Little John PDF Midi TXT
Rock of Ages PDF
Rock of Ages PDF
Rock the Cradle, Joe PDF ABC
Rock the Cradle, Joe Good accompaniment or a fancy version PDF ABC
Rock the Cradle, Joe PDF Midi
Rocking Alone in My Old Rocking Chair PDF
Roll on the Ground This old-time tune is also known as "Big Ball's in Town" and was borrowed by Woodie Guthrie for "Miss Pavilchenko". It even mentions Asheville! PDF Midi TXT
Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms Bluegrass PDF
Rolling Down To Old Maui A Whaling Song. PDF Midi
Romanze PDF Midi
Root Hog or Die Arranged by Steve Smith Colorado - 1856 PDF Midi TXT
Rose of Mooncoin - Melody and Harmony Irish ballad of love lost. PDF Midi
Rose of Sharon Waltz Gorgeous Tune PDF Midi ABC
Rose of Tralee Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
Rosewood Casket (page 1) PDF
Rosewood Casket (page 2) PDF
Rosin the Beau PDF Midi
Rosin the Beau Irish Wake Song PDF
Rothbury Hills A Northumbrian slow air PDF Midi
Round The Bay Of Mexico PDF Midi TXT
Rousseau's Dream PDF
Row, Row, Row Your Boat Traditional Kids Song PDF ABC
Run Mountain PDF Midi
Sabbath Medley PDF
Sackpiplat A Swedish Bagpipe Tune PDF
Sailing in the Boat PDF Midi TXT
Sailing in the Boat Collected in CT PDF Midi TXT
Sailor On The Sea PDF Midi TXT
Saint Ann's Reel Traditional PDF
Saint Ann's Reel (page 2) Traditional PDF
Saint Martins PDF
Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning This version is in DAD tuning and some of the melody is played on the middle string. PDF Midi
Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning DAA This version is in DAA tuning and all of the melody is played on the melody string(s). PDF Midi
Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning in G This version can be played in DAD tuning with a capo on the 3rd fret. PDF Midi
Sakura - The Cherry Blossom Song Traditional Japanese PDF Midi
Sallie Ann Fiddle Tune PDF
Sally Ann PDF Midi
Sally Slapped me with a Flounder I learned this tune from Carp Camp. It is making the rounds at KY dulcimer gatherings.
Sally, Let You Bangs Hang Down PDF Midi TXT
Salty Dog "Salty Dog Blues" is an early 1900's folk song in the public domain. The oldest recordings of the song credit Papa Charlie Jackson, who adapted the song directly from the African-American tradition. During the 1920s and 30s many country performers claimed they wrote this and other well-known songs. This was a customary practice because the royalties meant big money in some cases. If you check online, there seem to be as many interpretations of the lyrics as there are recordings! PDF Midi TXT
Samanthra PDF Midi TXT
Samiotisa Arranged by Steve Smith Greek Folk Song PDF Midi TXT
Santa Lucia in D
Santa Lucia in G
Santy PDF Midi TXT
Sarasponda PDF Midi
Savior Like a Shepherd PDF
Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us PDF
Savior of the Nations, Come PDF
Scarborough Fair Not the Simon & Garfunkel version. This ballad is related to The Elfin Knight (Child Ballad #2) and dates to the mid 1600s or earlier. PDF
Scarborough Fair (Flatpicking) PDF
Scarborough Fair (Strummed) PDF
Schlof Bobeli PDF Midi TXT
Schneefl?ckchen Wei?r?ckchen German Christmas Tune PDF
Scotland the Brave Traditional Scottish Song PDF ABC
Scraping Up Sand PDF Midi
Sedauny Welsh Christmas Carol PDF Midi
Send the Light PDF
Senora Santana PDF Midi TXT
Se√Īora Santana Cuban children's song PDF Midi TXT
Separation of Soul and Body PDF Midi
Seven Belssing of Mary PDF Midi TXT
Shady Grove PDF Midi
Shady Grove In Dm for DAD dulcimer with 1+ fret, no capo PDF
Shady Grove PDF
Shady Grove in DAC This tab file includes the basic fret numbers for playing the melody in DAC tuning along with some suggested fret numbers to play while singing. PDF Midi
Shady Grove in DAD This tab file has 3 pages that show mountain dulcimer chords for playing chords while singing and tablature for playing chord/melody style. PDF Midi
Shall We Gather at The River PDF
She Hasn't The Knack PDF
She Is Far From The Land PDF Midi
She Moved Through The Fair Beautiful Traditional Irish Melody
She'll Be Coming 'round the Mountain - Melody and Harmony Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain Traditional tune PDF ABC
Sheep Fast Asleep PDF Midi TXT
Sheep May Safely Graze Arrangement of the first part of this song. The rest of the song is way too chromatic to be played on the MD. This song is from "The Hunting Cantata" by J.S. Bach. However, it is often considered a Christmas song. PDF
Shenandoah PDF
Shendoah - Melody and Harmony Traditional American Folk Song PDF Midi
Shenendoah (Fingerpicked) PDF Midi
Shenendoah (Strummed) PDF Midi
Shine Calm and Bright PDF Midi
Shine On, Harvest Moon PDF Midi
Shoot The Buffalo PDF Midi TXT
Shortnin' Bread Traditional Folk Tune PDF ABC
Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Further into the Fire PDF Midi
Si Bheag Si Mohr O'Carolan tune meaning "So Big So Little" about a war between fairies that live on a big hill versus fairies living on a small hill. A beautiful melody, great for Irish/Celtic gigs. PDF
Silent Night Three part arrangement PDF Midi
Silent Night PDF
Silent Night Joseph Mohr and Franz Gruber version PDF ABC
Silent Night PDF
Silent Night, Holy Night PDF
Silver and Gold Two-step PDF
Simple Gifts PDF
Simple Gifts PDF Midi
Simple Gifts PDF
Sing We Now of Christmas PDF
Sing We Now Of Christmas Traditional French carol also known as "Noel Nouvelet". PDF
Single-Footin' Horse PDF Midi
Sir Donkey A thirteenth century hymn (originally 'Orientis Partibus') used in Christmas pageants which evolved into 'The Friendly Beasts.' Here, not only is the donkey the bearer of the Virgin to the manger, but he also brings frankincense and myrrh. PDF Midi TXT
Siuil A Ruin (Go, My Love) An old Irish tune. PDF Midi
Sixes and Eights A simple jig. PDF Midi
Skip to My Lou PDF
Skunk in the Collard Patch PDF Midi
Skye Boat Song PDF Midi ABC
Skye Boat Song This is a simple melody only version of Skye Boat Song PDF Midi
Skye Boat Song (four string version) PDF
Skye Boat Song 2 This version of Skye Boat Song includes tablature for chord melody style of playing. PDF Midi
Skye Boat Song 3 The version has many melody notes on the middle strings. PDF Midi
Slievenamon Irish patriotic song PDF Midi
Sloop John B PDF
Sloop John B Old Jamaican (oft recorded) tune PDF ABC
Slowly Fall The Snow-Flakes Christmas Song. PDF Midi
Snouts and Ears of America Played by fiddler Sarah Armstrong on November 5, 1943 near Derry, PA PDF Midi
Softly and Tenderly PDF
Softly and Tenderly PDF
Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling PDF
Soir Et Matin PDF Midi
Soldier's Joy Traditional Fiddle Tune PDF ABC
Soldier's Joy - Specialist's Version PDF
Soldiers Joy Folk PDF
Soltly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
Some Folks Written by Stephen Foster and originally published in 1855 PDF
Somebody's Tall And Handsome PDF Midi TXT
Song Before Christmas PDF Midi TXT
Song of the Wandering Aengus, in D dorian D-G-c PDF
Sonny's Mazurka PDF Midi
Sorghum Syrup PDF Midi
Southwind Two-part arrangement: Melody and Harmony PDF
Southwind PDF Midi
Spanish Hymn PDF Midi
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue PDF Midi TXT
Speckled Fish PDF Midi TXT
Spotted Pony PDF Midi
Squid-Jigging Ground PDF Midi TXT
Squirrel Hunters Key of A - Capo 4
St. Denio Welsh tune submitted PDF
St. Louis Blues PDF Midi
Star Of The County Down PDF
Star of the County Down Celtic PDF
Star of the County Down (Fingerpicked) PDF
Star of the County Down (Strummed) PDF
Star Spangled Banner This version is in DAD tuning and the key of G. PDF Midi
Stars All Bright Are Beaming Christmas song. Circa 1916 PDF Midi
Stars of Glory Celtic Carol Here are the lryics... Stars Of Glory Stars of glory shine more brightly, Purer be the moonlight's beam, Glide ye hours and moments lightly, Swiftly down time's deep'ning stream. Bring the hour that banished sadness, Brought redemption down to earth, When the shepherds heard with gladness Tidings of a Saviour's birth. See the shepherds quickly rising, Hast'ning to the humble stall, And the newborn Infant prizing, As the mighty Lord of All. Lowly now they bend before him In His helpless infant state. Firmly faithful we adore Him, And His greatness celebrate. See how Mary loves her Boychild In the light of Bethlehem. Lowly ox and ass breathe warmly On the little Lord of All. Now the world is hushed in stillness, In the joy of knowing God is near! Hope and love have come to dwell here, Driving out the night of fear. Hark! The swell of heav'nly voices Peals along the vaulted sky. Angels sing while earth rejoices, "Glory to our God on high! Glory in the highest heaven. Peace to lowly ones on earth. Joy to these and bliss be given In the great Redeemer's birth. PDF
Still, Still, Still An Austrian carol from the Salzburg region. It is based on an 1819 melody by S√ľss, with the original words, slightly changed over time and location, by G. G√∂tsch. PDF Midi
Storms are on the Ocean PDF Midi TXT
Streets of Laredo Old English Melody PDF
Sugar Hill PDF
Sugar Hill Another old-time fiddle tune! As with others, there are plenty of versions out there, fast and slow. This version is adapted from one the Charlotte Folk Society uses in its slow jams. PDF Midi
Sugar Hill Fiddle Tune PDF
Sunny Italy PDF Midi
Suo Gam PDF Midi
Suo Gan harmony Traditional Welsh PDF
Suo Gan melody traditional Welsh PDF
Suomi This tune is from Finland. In fact, the name of the tune is Finnish for "Finland"! I heard it played on the 5-string kantele on Poul Lendal's album √ėnskebarn. It has a stop where I've shown the stacatto, and it gives it a fun sound. PDF Midi
Sussex Carol Traditional English carol. PDF
Sussex Waltz, Mozart Attached is tab for Mozart's Sussex Waltz (Michael Turner's Waltz). It is a fingerpicked version in DAd. PDF
Suzannah's Lament A new take on an old song. Revised. PDF Midi
Svetit Svetel Mesyats This is a fun Russian folksong, not to be confused with Svetel Mesyats, another popular Russian tune. You can find both on YouTube. Sorry - I couldn't find lyrics to translate, but it sure sounds like a drinking song to me! PDF Midi
Sweet Betsy From Pike PDF
Sweet Betsy From Pike PDF Midi TXT
Sweet Hour of Prayer PDF Midi
Sweeter As the Years Go By Old hymn by Lelia N. Morris PDF
Take Me Out To The Ballgame Traditional Folk Tune (about 1908) PDF ABC
Take My Life And Let It Be PDF
Take My Life and Let it Be PDF
Take Time to be Holy PDF
Tanz ("Dance") A 6/8 piece, composed by Georg Leopold Fuhrmann (1578-1616), a German lutenist. Tabbed for noter-drone style (high octave, all of the melody is on the melody string) and for flatpicking / strumming (in the lower octave, parts of the melody are played on the middle string). PDF
Tarantella Traditional Italian Folk Dance PDF ABC
Tell Poor Lou I'm Gone Collected in KY - 1953 PDF Midi TXT
Ten Little Indians Traditional Kid's Counting Tune PDF ABC
Tenderfoot PDF Midi TXT
Tenting Tonight Civil War tune PDF ABC
Tex-i-an Boys PDF Midi TXT
Texas Rangers I found the tune in Jerry Silverman's Folk Song Encyclopedia, but the lyrics are from around 1869 as reported by Lomax in "Cowboy Songs". Tex Ritter and others sing other versions, with variations of the tune and lyrics. PDF Midi TXT
The Ash Grove The Ash Grove is a traditional Welsh folk song circa 1802. PDF Midi
The Ashgrove Three-part arrangement PDF Midi
The Bamboo Flute Traditional Chinese PDF Midi
The Black Ball Line PDF Midi TXT
The Blackest Crow
The Blue Tail Fly Early American Folk Song Circa 1840 PDF Midi
The Blue Tail Waltz PDF Midi
The Boiled Cabbage Waltz PDF
The Bottom of the Punchbowl PDF
The Bridal Jig A Klezmer Song. PDF Midi
The Bridal Jig - Harmony A Klezmer Song PDF Midi
The Bulgarian Bulgarian Folk Song PDF Midi
The Caisson Song Music by John Phillip Sousa PDF
The Call A Celtic Reel PDF Midi
The Canoe Song My parents spent 39 years as Lutheran missionaries in New Guinea. I was with them until I came Stateside to enter college. I learned the attached song while riding the mission boat from Lae to Madang. The men who sang it were from Sio village near Finschhafen. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what the words mean, but I understand it is a song that was sung while paddling one's canoe. PDF Midi
The Cherry Tree Carol This is one of the most popular of English religious folk ballads. PDF Midi
The Churches One Foundation Traditional Christian Hymn PDF Midi ABC
The Cornish Wassail Song Cornish Christmas Song PDF Midi
The Cornish Wassail Song - Melody and Harmony Cornish Christmas Song PDF Midi
The Cradle Song The Cradle Song is a slow air composed by the 19th-century Scottish fiddler James Scott Skinner. Supposedly he wrote it when he saw a sick child being cared for by its mother. PDF
The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, is Ended Hymn, credited to Clement Cotteril Scholefield, 1874. My own arrangement for finger-/flatpicking. PDF
The Deacon's Daughter Collected in CT, 1945, Arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
The Devil You Say PDF Midi
The Digger's Song 1-5-4 Dorian, noter-and-drone PDF
The Dulcimer Waltz Midi
The Famine Song PDF Midi
The Farmer's Curst Wife Collected in VT, 1945, Arranged by Steve Smith PDF Midi TXT
The Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune For The Night Folk Waltz PDF
The First Noel PDF
The First Noel PDF
The First Noel PDF
The Fox PDF Midi
The Friendly Beasts Traditional - 12th Century English Carol PDF Midi
The Gale A Reel in A minor. Written by Susan Conger (1997) PDF Midi
The Holy Ground A traditional Irish Song PDF Midi
The Hound Dawg Song Ozark Folk Songs (1946-50) PDF Midi
The Irish National Anthem PDF Midi
The Irish Washerwoman
The Keel Row English folk song. PDF
The Kesh Jig PDF Midi
The King of Love My Shepherd Is PDF
The Lark In The Clear Air PDF Midi
The Lea Rig PDF
The Lord's My Shepherd PDF Midi
The Master Hath Come PDF
The Merry Blacksmith PDF
The Milltown Jig Traditional Irish Jig
The New Coventry Carol Revised. PDF Midi
The Old Rugged Cross PDF Midi
The Old Rugged Cross PDF
The Old Rugged Cross PDF
The Old Woman and the Little Pig PDF Midi TXT
The Pig Under The Oaks Traditional Welsh song. PDF Midi
The Riddle Song A 15th-Century English Lullaby PDF Midi
The Riddle Song
The Riddle Song - Harmony Harmony for The Riddle Song PDF
The Riddle Song - Melody - Bass - Harmony PDF Midi
The Rights of Man PDF Midi
The Road to Gundagai Australian Traditional PDF Midi
The Turtle Dove PDF Midi
The Twelve Days of Christmas PDF
The Twelve Days of Christmas Traditional English carol PDF
The Unclouded Day PDF
The Vicar of Bray British ballad PDF Midi TXT
The Virginia Girl's Waltz Original arrangement by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
The Wassail Song The Wassail Song unlike other Christmas carols does not celebrate the nativity. The Wassail Song celebrates the New Year! "Wassail" is an olde English word for a toast similar to "Good Health" and the wassail is the content of the glass or goblet ( spiced or mulled wine or ale) The author of the lyrics is unknown but the tradition of going wassailing dates back to 12th century England. The composer of the music to the wassail song is also unknown. PDF Midi
The Water is Wide PDF Midi
The Wild Rover "The Wild Rover" is the most widely performed Irish song, although its exact origins are unknown. PDF Midi
The Wind That Shakes the Barley PDF Midi
There Be Dragons! A Scottish jig PDF Midi
There is a Fountain PDF
There Is Power in the Blood Old hymn, by Lewis Edgar Jones PDF
There's a Long, Long Trail PDF
There's a Long, Long Trail (DAA) PDF
There's No Disappointment in Heaven old hymn PDF
These Things Shall Be PDF Midi TXT
This Is My Father's World A Christian hymn written by Maltbie Davenport Babcock, and published after his death in 1901. Set to music in 1915 by Franklin L. Sheppard, who is said to have adapted the music from a traditional English melody that he learned from his mother as a child. PDF Midi TXT
This is My Fathers World PDF Midi
This Lady She Wears a Dark Green Shawl PDF Midi TXT
This Old Man Traditional Kids Counting Tune PDF Midi ABC
This Train Melody - Harmony - Bass PDF Midi
Through All The World Below PDF Midi
To God Be The Glory PDF
Tommy PDF Midi TXT
Toot, Toot, Tootsie Attached is tab for "Toot, Toot, Tootsie" (public domain, 1922). This is a lively noter/drone version in DAA and DAD' - all on one sheet. Good chromatic runs using the 6+ fret. PDF
Train Song Booklet - Fireball Mail, Georgia Railroad, Reuben's Train, Wabash Cannonball, Wreck of Old 97, Life's Railway to Heaven, Wreck of Number Nine Great booklet that contains: Fireball Mail Georgia Railroad Reuben's Train Wabash Cannonball Wreck of Old 97 Life's Railway to Heaven Wreck of Number Nine PDF
Tramp Tramp Tramp DAA This simple melody only version in DAA tuning includes a LISTEN file played with a noter. PDF Midi
Tramp Tramp Tramp DAD This simple melody only version includes a LISTEN file played with a noter. A 6.5 fret is required to play this version. PDF Midi
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Written by George Root and originally published in 1864 PDF
Trepak from Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky) PDF
Tripping up the Stairs Irish Jig PDF Midi
Trust And Obey PDF
Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle This is a Christmas carol from Italy, written in 1732 by Saint Alfonso Liguori in the musical style of a pastorale. Luciano Pavarotti has a very nice version of this song on YouTube. PDF Midi TXT
Tum Balalaika PDF
Tune 6 This is an original tune, copyright free. Enjoy. PDF Midi
Tune 9 PDF Midi
Turkey In The Straw PDF Midi
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus PDF
Turtle Dove PDF Midi TXT
Twelve (12) Bar Blues in D An opportunity for improvisation. PDF Midi
Twinkle Jig An old song with a new twist. PDF Midi
Two English Carols "The Holly and the Ivy" and "Away in the Manger" PDF
Two Sisters PDF Midi TXT
Ulster Blossom PDF Midi
Un Kilomètre à  Pied French children's song PDF Midi TXT
Uncle Joe PDF Midi
Under the Double Eagle - Backup PDF
Under the Double Eagle - Harmony Midi
Under the Double Eagle - Melody PDF Midi
Under the Double Eagle - Melody and Harmony Midi
Under the Porch Light PDF
Union Train PDF Midi TXT
Unquiet Grave PDF Midi TXT
Unto Us A Boy Was Born Midi TXT
Up on the House Top PDF
Up On The Housetop "Up on the House Top" is a Christmas song written by Benjamin Hanby in 1864 in the town of New Paris, Ohio. PDF Midi
Vacant Chair Civil War tune PDF ABC
Vacant Chair - Historical version Historical Version PDF ABC
Venezuela PDF Midi
Vicar of Bray PDF Midi TXT
Vive La Compagnie A song from 1818. A traditional British ballad. A political song in Ireland. A song adoped by the Confederate soldiers during the Civil war. PDF Midi
Volga Boatmen Russian Folk Song PDF Midi
Volte Renassance Dance PDF
Wabash Cannonball PDF ABC
Wabash Cannonball - D An American Folk Song PDF Midi
Wabash Cannonball - G An American Folk Song PDF Midi
Wait for the Wagon PDF
Walk Along, John From "American Folk Songs for Children" by Ruth Crawford Seeger PDF Midi
Walkin' In The Parlor PDF Midi
Waltz of the Angels TXT
Waltz of the Daddy Long Legs PDF
Waltzing Matilda Folk Song. Unofficial Australian National Anthem PDF Midi
Waltzing Matilda The well-known "Marie Cowan" version of Australia's most widely known folk song! PDF
Waltzing with Aunt Rhody PDF
Waltzing with Joe (Old Joe Clark) PDF
Wanderin' PDF Midi TXT
Water Is Wide PDF Midi TXT
Waterbound PDF Midi TXT
Wayfarin Stranger Gospel Spiritual PDF
Wayfaring Stranger PDF
Wayfaring Stranger PDF Midi
We Gather Together PDF
We Gather Together PDF
We Rock PDF
We Wish You a Merry Christmas PDF Midi
Weeping Willow Waltz Original tune for tenor recorder and dulcimers (one with 1+ fret, one without) PDF
Westering Home A Scottish Folk Song - Circa 1920 PDF Midi
Westphalia Waltz PDF Midi
What a Friend We Have in Jesus PDF Midi
What A Friend We Have In Jesus Gospel tune PDF ABC
What A Wonderful Savior PDF
What Child is This Capo on 1 PDF
What Child is This PDF
What Child is This Chromatic Version of "What Child is This" PDF
What Child is This? PDF
What Did You Have For Your Supper? PDF Midi TXT
What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone This hymn's lyrics were written by Edward Denny in 1839. They are used with at least three tunes. The most common seems to be "This Endris Nyght" - a 15th century English carol. The version I have here is from the Methodist "Book of Hymns" and uses the tune, "Christus, Der Ist Mein Leben". It is from Bach Chorale BVW 281, based on a melody by Melchoir Vulpius from around 1600. PDF Midi TXT
What If A Day PDF
What Wondrous Love Southern Appalachian Hymn PDF
What Wondrous Love Is This American Spiritual. Melody and Harmony. PDF Midi
What's Little Babies Made Of PDF Midi TXT
Wheels PDF
When Christmas Morn is Dawning PDF Midi TXT
When He Cometh PDF Midi TXT
When I Can Read My Title Clear Kentucky Folk Melody Known as "Pisgah" in the Sacred Harp Book PDF
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross PDF
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
When I Was In My Prime CGC There are some claims that this song originated in 1689 with Mrs. Fleetwood Habergham's poem "The Seeds Of Love" (a. k. a. "Love's Evil Choice"). It appears the song may have evolved later to influence "The Sprig Of Thyme" and many other similar tunes in the British Isles. Maybe later it landed in North America in its current form but it maintained all of its symbolism to warn of the dangers in taking false lovers. This version is in CGC tuning. PDF Midi
When I Was In My Prime DAG There are some claims that this song originated in 1689 with Mrs. Fleetwood Habergham's poem "The Seeds Of Love" (a. k. a. "Love's Evil Choice"). It appears the song may have evolved later to influence "The Sprig Of Thyme" and many other similar tunes in the British Isles. Maybe later it landed in North America in its current form but it maintained all of its symbolism to warn of the dangers in taking false lovers. This version is in DAG tuning and the LISTEN file is played with a noter. PDF Midi
When Jesus Wept Sacred Harp Hymn PDF
When Johnny Come Marching Home The tablature file includes sheet music and chords for mountain dulcimer EBA and DAD tunings. The LISTEN file begins with the EBA dulcimer and ends with the DAD dulcimer. PDF Midi
When Johnny Comes Marching Home When Johnny Comes Marching Home" (sometimes "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again") is a popular song of the American Civil War that expressed people's longing for the return of their friends and relatives who were fighting in the war. PDF Midi
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Civil War tune PDF ABC
When the Saints Go Marching in PDF Midi
When The Saints Go Marching In Melody and Counter Melody PDF Midi
When the Saints Go Marching In PDF
When You Go A-Courtin' An American folk song with a couple of versions floating around, as usual. This one's now even sung by choirs! PDF Midi TXT
When You Wore A Tulip PDF Midi
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks - Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
Whiskey Before Breakfast PDF Midi
Whiskey Before Breakfast - Arabic Maqsum Rhythm PDF Midi
Whispering Hope Three-part arrangement: Melody, Harmony, and Bass PDF Midi
Whispering Hope PDF
White Cockade
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot? PDF Midi TXT
Why I Love You a. k. a. Tell Me Why This song is one where maybe people sing the refrain and the verses might be mostly forgotten. The verses are catchy and in 4/4 time and the refrain is in easy going and in 3/4 time. The verse requires a 6+ fret. PDF Midi
Wild Mountain Thyme PDF
Wild Mountain Thyme Gorgeous Scottish Tune PDF ABC
Wild Mountain Thyme "Wild Mountain Thyme" (also known as "Purple Heather" and "Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go") is a folk song written by Francis McPeake, a member of a well known musical family in Belfast, of Scottish origin.[1] McPeake's lyrics are a variant of the song "The Braes of Balquhither" by Scottish poet Robert Tannahill (1774-1810), a contemporary of Robert Burns. Tannahill's original song, first published in R. A. Smith's Scottish Minstrel (1821-24), is about the hills (braes) around Balquhidder near Lochearnhead. Like Burns, Tannahill collected and adapted traditional songs, and "The Braes of Balquhither" may have been based on the traditional song "The Braes o' Bowhether". (From Wikipedia.org) PDF
Wild Rover Traditional Irish tune PDF
Wildwood Flower PDF Midi
Wildwood Flower PDF
Will the Circle Be Unbroken PDF
Will the Circle be Unbroken PDF
Will Ye No Come Back Again Traditional Scottish Folk Tune PDF ABC
Will Ye No Come Back Again Low Octave Version PDF
William Taylor PDF Midi TXT
Willie O' Winsbury PDF Midi TXT
Willow Tree PDF TXT
Winter It Is Past PDF Midi TXT
Wish I Was In Tennessee PDF Midi
Wonderful Words of Life Two-part arrangement: Melody and Harmony PDF Midi
Wondrous Love PDF Midi
Wondrous Love PDF Midi
Woodpecker Chasing a Lizard This is a song that I wrote based on something I saw at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, AL. I saw this red bird runnning around a tree (I'm assuming it's a woodpecker). When I got closer, I saw that it was chasing a little brown lizard. They ran around the tree a few times and then spiraled their way down to the ground. The woodpecker caught the lizard by the tail. As lizards will do in this situation, it detached its tail. The woodpecker ate the tail, and the lizard ran away. PDF
World Turned Upside Down PDF ABC
Wreck of the Old 97 Traditional PDF ABC
Wu Ya Wu Ya - Song of the Crow PDF Midi
Yankee Doodle Tune from American Revolution and Civil War era PDF Midi ABC
Ye Sons of Men, Oh Hearken PDF
Yellow Rose of Texas in D PDF
Yellow Rose of Texas in G PDF
Yonder Rolls the Waves Original composition by Paul G. Sykes. PDF Midi
You Dont Want To Love Me French PDF Midi TXT
You're a Grand Old Flag Three-part arrangement: Melody (with and without 1+ fret), Harmony, and Bass PDF Midi
You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline (D-F#-A) PDF Midi
Young Charlotte PDF Midi TXT
Young Prince Of Spain PDF Midi TXT
Your Hand, O Lord, in Days of Old PDF Midi
Your Love is the Greatest Gift of All (Dulcimer 1) To hear an audio version of this song go to: https://www.reverbnation.com/ronzuckerman/song/10668998-your-love-is-greatest-gift-all PDF
Your Love is the Greatest Gift of All (Dulcimer 2) PDF
Your Love is the Greatest Gift of All (Guitar) PDF